For those interested in Kempf

Just throwing this out there for anyone on the fence about building a Kempf… All it takes is one sacrificial B!Eliwood and he turns into a monster. Throw Annette on his team and you can do some crazy stuff

B!Eliwood gives him swift sparrow 3 (+6 atk and +7 spd) and atk/spd ruse 3 (-5 atk, -5 spd, guard effect on opponent)

Annette’s crusher weapon (1 additional movement space) combined with her assist skill (+6 atk/+6 spd) and def/res ruse 3 (-5 def, -5 res, guard) give even more power to him.

So with the right placement and Annette’s rally skill Kempf can stroll in 4 spaces deep, take out a foe and trigger gale force and walk back out like it’s nothing. While adding 17 chip damage along the way.




Kempf has always been good and can sweep an entire map in a single turn.


Adding Annette to his team was a game changer. That extra movement space is great


IMO this is actually an argument for Annette and not for Kempf. I can do the same thing with other Galeforce Cavs (except the 10 extra chip damage)?


While somewhat true, the chip damage and flash effect can help him defeat opponents that he (and possibly other GF cavs) might normally not be able to.


Yes. I just wanted to emphasize that his uniqueness comes from his weapon effects. For the example above, OG Eliwood does the job much better.

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Kempf looks better doing it though

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Kempf probably prefers Atk/Spd Solo 4, but that’s a very rare skill on a single unit. Swift Sparrow 3 is relatively easier to obtain (It’s still a premium skill though). :feh_arthurthink:
Kempf is definitely an interesting unit that has a pretty cool niche. He probably could also run a mixed phase set to spread his debuffs around on Enemy Phase as well, but Galeforce cav is a tried & true kit that works quite well.

Never realised adachi was so good

Eyyyyy, I did something REALLY similar to this lol