For those who are wondering who Anastasia is (ENG-dubs)

Here’s a little song relating a bit of her tale

English subs

Privet tovarich!

Welcome to Destripando la historia (gutting the history?) Wit Pascuatov and Rodrigovich. Today we’ll tell you the story of Anastasia.

A new Romanov has born in St Petersburg
Anastasia is the daughter of Tzar Nicholas II
She has three sisters, Mery, Olga, and Tatiana.
Don’t treat them like the princesses because they are the Great Duchess


Little imp
o3phóň [I don’t know Russian])

A-nas-tasia Ni-ko-lá-yev-na


She threw a rock to her sister in the head
She cheats at cards games
She steals your beer
If she hits her you’ll endure it
Don’t mess with Your Highness!


Meanwhile, the nation was hungry and very pissed

Ra-ra-Rasputin was a rascal
He went to give counseling and ■■■■■■ the Empress
Visited the girls when wearing pajamas
Caresses certain places and didn’t like it to the Tzar

“Stay away from my daughters”
“Hmm… daughters…”

Tried to pick up a nobleman, was offended and killed him

He was poisoned
He was shot
He was thrown in the river and then…


Mothers Russia had enough
Get out of the house!
They were asked to take a familiar photo at night

“What about the picture?”
“It was a lie, we’ll execute you”


“JA! Deutschland speaking! Are the Duchesses all right?”
“Eh… Yeah, yes… Everything’s ok”


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I don’t know what they’re saying, but it sounds nice.

I added English dubs inside the spoilers, have fun~