For those who believe the Noble Lance to be a hard weapon to use

Healer + Savage Blow, you’re welcome


I was also thinking of fury + desperation (with savage blow of course) to make sure he takes the damage and can then guarantee the quick follow up vs weakened foes. He actually seems like a viable Galeforce unit (perhaps even moreso than legendary Ephraim) the more I look at him.


Ohh yes.
Though I wouldn’t use desperation for that.

It’s very likely he has good bulk so he can use that def like Tibarn does. To take the hit from the enemy.
Allows him to charge his Galeforce with Heavy Blade.

Edelgard is gonna be able to use the desperation for galeforce since she has a slaying weapon

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Ohhh, good call. Maybe chill atk? Or perhaps drag back? Actually I think I like drag back better. Chill atk is a seal and can be placed on other units.

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His base B slot is also great.
It ups his bulk by 3 (lowers enemy atk-3) and he deals more damage (enemy def -3)
And prevents buffs for the enemy in those stats.

Adding in that drag back isn’t a bad option


If you’re using galeforce, drag back is probably unnecessary, even counterproductive for wiping out clusters of enemies. Leave drag back/hit and run for the likes of Cherche.

Hardly counterproductive if you want to
A) make room for your other Galeforce unit to WoM in and get more kills or
B) hit and run

Not to mention that when you’re a cav, you have 3 movement anyway so backing up 1 space hardly makes a difference if you want another kill, as enemies are typically clustered together. Drag back one of the best skills on Galeforce units, especially cavs, even though Dimitri’s base B slot also works great.


Before Attack: Y - - > E E

After Attack: - - - Y E E

Now we calculate the effect of Drag Back (if you didn’t kill the target): - - Y E - E
(if you did): - - Y - - E (at best, the closest enemy is 3 spaces away)

I’m confused. Where exactly does the WoM galeforce unit go in? I can possibly see a WoM mage, but those are kinda meh.

Depends on positioning of the enemy team. I’ve admittedly not actually practiced the drag back + WoM strategy, as I usually hit and run when I Galeforce, but @My_Dude has plenty of experience in using Galeforce like this and can more than likely answer you better than I can.

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Galeforce+Drag Back/hit&run works if you want to throw Dimiri at an enemy then get him to safety instead of having him fight more.

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Fury + Savage Blow does sound very synergistic with Dimitri’s weapon.

And I agree that Dragback could work well for him too. It sounds counterproductive, but it’s actually really useful for AR, at least with my playstyle. Let’s you do hit and run strategies easier, let’s you back up into a dancer, if you weren’t able to activate Galeforce or WoM on a squishy mage for instance. And gives space for ranged heroes to warp in (Eir and Aversa in my case).

Like you said, it can sometimes make it harder for melee allies to warp in, but you can usually work around this depending on enemy and building positioning.

This video has a few examples of ways you can use Dragback in AR:

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