For those who play other games

What sort of things do you find yourself doing as a result of playing other games?

For myself…

  1. In my head, I keep referring to the Accele and Blast commands as Arts and Buster.
  2. Even knowing it’s not there, I keep looking for a way to refresh the Support List.
  3. Forgetting I can change the target of each attack.
  4. Summon Tickets and Quartz

Undermining 3 stars even though they’re like the 4 stars equivalent in fgo. Nearly lost me a pvp battle.

Doing card counting despite the game not following the same command card distribution as fgo.

tfw you dk how the card distribution works here so same

i also do 1 and 2

pretty sure all discs just get reshuffled every turn


Coming from FGO the biggest thing is definitely trying start chains with Accele cards and attempting to set up overkill combos just to have wasted Charge and Accele disks :fgo_jeannu:

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When battle begins, the discs of every party member are combined and shuffled, and then five discs are randomly dealt each turn. The discs show the character’s image as well as their connect gauge. The player chooses three discs for each turn of combat.

Coming from FGO and Overwatch:

Referring to Magia as “CEs” and wondering if they’ll add passive NP gain CEs like prisma cosmos.
Calling a blast chain a buster chain.

Calling the final abilities “ults” (overwatch).

Always killing the enemy healers first. (OW)

There are a surprisingly large number of similarities to FGO, but with enough differences to be really cool/unique too.
I think it’s really cool that you can equip multiple Magia in this game.
If FGO did that for a special event that would be so much fun! (although totally broken lol)

Party Cost would have to be recalculated though :sweat_smile:

Though I guess they could, instead, set a separate Cost for CEs per Servant. Not enough to equip all 5* CEs one a Servant but (like current party Cost) we’d have to mix high and low Rarity ones.

Maybe equip a Heal per turn CE together with Black Grail to mitigate the HP Loss? :thinking:

Umu Bride + Formalcraft + Black Grail. :heart:

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Yeah! :smiley:
I was thinking the second CE could cost double or something (yikes! I know, but some sort of cost balance)

They could even have a silly April Fools style event just for fun where you are only allowed 1 servant but they can equip 5 CEs or something ridiculous.
I doubt they’d ever do that. There was nothing in-game for april fool’s day… RIP.
Still disappointed about that. It’s really not that hard to do something… anyway, back on topic.

I mean you could make some sweet combos.
I want to see what Divine Banquet + Formalcraft does for NP spamming.
Or maybe that one Orion CE that heals like 750 per turn mlb + mlb Halloween Maid for about 1,312 healing per turn? mini personal avalon.
(or maybe prisma cosmos + orion ce = mini avalon, minus crit stars)

It could be pretty fun.
Black Grail + Necromancy maybe could be interesting
or Necromancy + a buster CE.

I actually find it funny how magireco makes getting dupes of high rarity girls more worthwhile compared to servants

as that’s how you get more memoria slots for gacha units

also u dont actually get to burn the spooks of 4 stars u dont like, since they’re already burned :rofl:to destiny gem

Now why doesn’t FGO do that from the start for the welfare dupes. Hm… :thinking:

Well, I’ll just blame DW like we always do. :smirk:

we genuinely dont have welfare reruns, afair

so if you miss getting all 10 copies of hitagi :rofl:gg

As a Feh player, I’m having trouble adjusting to the mindset of “4 stars are really good and 3 stars are useable”

BTW, something I think I noticed a while ago: I never seemed to get disks from more than 3 girls at a time–even when I was running with 5. So, I think it randomly selects 3 girls first (if there are more than 3), then chooses the disks from only them.

That’s a good point, let me check with the team if this is their observation as well.

never actually noticed that myself. though then again, the only time I ever field 5 is when I’m running on auto. at which point, I just stop paying atention to the draws

Team confirmed this, plus other wonky ways to manipulate disc selection. Will get one of them to put a guide together about it.

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There’s an actual use for having a full team?