For those with main series experience, how has PoGo influenced your list of favourite species?

My main series experience is limited to the first two generations.

When Gen 3 was released in PoGo, I was keen to get to know the new species and use them alongside familiar friends, but the only Gen 3 species that I really like is Metagross.

For Gen 4, I most looked forward to new evolutions of familiar friends (especially less prominent ones). Mamoswine is now among my favourite species, which is ironic as I used to dislike Swinub due to its constantly using Endure in Ice Path.

All that gym battling has made Machamp and Blissey join my list of favourites too.

Of course, my love for Bulbasaur, Ampharos, Mewtwo and especially Magikarp is unshakeable, but some species have certainly fallen down my list:

  • The anime made Heracross my second-favourite Johto species, but with no chance to use it in PoGo, it has been overtaken by Blissey and Marill.
  • I still want justice for Porygon but admit that Metagross is the better machine.
  • Several species that I frequently used in the console games, notably Graveler and Girafarig, have limited use in PoGo.

Hitmonchan was a favorite for me in the Game Boy days because of its versatility and I loved Jackie Chan growing up. That led me to get one XL’ed up to Ultra League level CP to use for PoGo