For those with np2 + Anastasia

I know this question probably wont get a lot of responses if any, but I’m just plain curious about those who have her at NP2 or higher, how are you enjoying or not enjoying having her?

(She wont stop spooking me. Thats why I’m asking.)

I deliberately NP5’ed her at her debut, so I obviously enjoy her :wink:


Wow. What do you use her for?

Currently for random non-DSS farming and for CQ fun. Once Castoria hits, she won’t require a plugsuit to refund easily, but that’s a ways off.

Her kit is well-suited to high-difficulty content, and her top-rank Territory Creation gives a significant boost to her Arts performance. Being able to NP frequently and occasionally to stun a target helps her oppress enemies, what with her NP inflicting Skill Seal and stacking DEF Down with subsequent activations within 3 turns. Her Charisma variant also provides a reliable, if modest damage boost to the team and improves survivability.

If nothing else, a Servant with both a 50% battery AND refund potential is always worth a look.


i have her at np1 but havent really used her. can she loop easily with castoria? does she need np2+ to farm effectively?

Good question, tbh.

Her damage won’t be so hot without NP levels, but Black Grail fixes a lot of issues if you have it.

She should loop very easily with Castoria, especially since her battery will fill a gap if necessary. You can already get her to 100% refund, but it requires a plugsuit support team currently.


I must admit I have an interest too since she just spooked me during my Gil rolls. I’m not too knowledgeable about her, but her kit is very interesting imo. Her internals are okay but a 50% battery and an excellent Territory Creation kinda takes it to a decent spam rate I think. I definitely see the potential in her ability to shut down skills combined with that hypothetical NP refill if it translates in practice. Like a bizarro Amakusa of sorts.

She’s definitely not built for damage and I doubt even a lvl 100 BG can fix that but still, definitely curious to try her out in a CQ.


Everything with an arts np can loop easily with castoria

was going to ask archer gil :pensive:

Shuten lmao

Edit: Oh right I forgot she has a battery now, but it shouldn’t launch her into looping territory

Wave 3 damage comparisons with Castoria:

Lvl 90, NP1, 1k Fous, lvl 100 BG, 2004, neutral damage:

Average 120k

NP2: 159k avg

NP5: 199k avg

All assume Nastya’s mana burst also active.

I think I can probably answer this one.

With a tamamo buff, MLB BG, 1st skill lv8 Mozart, waver, NP3 Anastasia was able to refund 60-65% np. I havent tried her at NP4 yet.

Paracelsus will do better for refund support. 20% Arts, 50% NP Gain Up.


and i dont think she has gotten a np upgrade has she

No, not yet. Maybe at some point.

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I’ll try him out and see if he was what did it for her and not Mozart. Hold on.

I’m actually thinking of pairing her with CasGil to take advantage of her debuffs gimmick along with the Arts buff and crit gen goodness


You’ll need scope or Magical Girl to hit 100% refund numbers easily right now since the major Arts supports don’t help with filling her NP gauge directly.

Huh? How would a superscope help to hit 100% refund and not BG?

Also, yep. It was the paracelus that pushed her refund past 50%.