For Three Houses fans. Which path leader do you like better and which path is your favorite?

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Edelgard is pretty much the defining character across the routes, and it’s a very good thing that she’s written well enough to have many fans both for and against her.

As for the route, I like them all, really. CF feels short, which is probably a development time issue, but whatever.


Edelgard, but not by much. Personally in terms of main game lords Fire Emblem has always delivered to me lords that either I like or feel nothing about them without reaching mediocre or bad. Except Corrin. They are garbage. Three Houses lords are in limbo for me since their personalities are packed with many layers of characterization that I feel that they clash with each other from time to time.

Edelgard, for example, is a revolutionary, but also a tyrant. She is open-minded and wants to bring human independency, but relies too much on the power of the gods to do so. She is honorable, but can also do every dirty tactic in the book because she understands war. She wants freedom for her nation… by stomping everyone else.

She wants to spread truth, but never bothers to look at the other side of the coin because she has a bias, and even if I understand she had a very bitter experience during her youth, the fact that she blindly believes that Nemesis was a real hero instead of researching history a bit more to discover he was kind of an @$%, makes me think sometimes that she wants an excuse to destroy the whole church as a whole. And that’s just her.

Don’t take me wrong. The fact that all lords have real dirt on their hands is amazing and I wish they keep exploring morally grey areas in the franchise. Just try to keep characters to a minimum to flesh out more the people in the world and don’t do a lot of exposition on them. Implying things sometimes is far better than telling us the players that certain character suffered or is plain evil.


Blue Lions. Fallen prince tries to restore piece by piece his kingdom and himself. Simply, yet something that the franchise barely touches. It’s as rare as being a literal nobody like Ike and then becoming a hero, but with the same potential to be great. The pacing on the later chapters ruined it for me since I feel it should have been one or two chapters longer to explore Dimitri a bit more during his rehab. Yet I like so much this storyline, even if the delivery felt unearned to me.

Silver Snow was a big waste of time. All those months developing this path should have been focused on the others.


I wouldn’t really call her a tyrant. She tries to create a meritocracy, and in her paired ending with Byleth she even abdicates almost immediately.

As for the second part, that’s kinda the beauty of Hubert. Edel is very upright and straightforward, while Hubert and TWSTD take care of the shady stuff. Technically speaking, her own hands are clean (which is realistic if nothing else; of course she isn’t actually blameless).


Yeah, its actually interesting that she technically is innocent. But relying too much on shady characters and not making Edelgard face the actual atrocities that Hubert does on her back is kind of lame to me. If explored a bit more, I wish her philosophy of life was more pronounced depending on her life’s circumstances and show a small scene about it. If Byleth rejects her during Crimson Flower, before the decisive battle, she will become more accepting of Hubert’s methods and sometimes get inspiration of his ruthlessness to do even more aggressive strategies.

If Byleth joined another house she is somewhat accepting of his methods but wishes that there was another way instead. If Byleth is with her, though, she still accepts those methods because the war demands it, but orders Hubert that once the conflict is over that he never disservice himself with those tactics again because her rule and those of her successors must be clean and without more secrecy and lies. Spy work is accepted, but not under the fear of threats or merciless acts of control.

I know this is kind of a counter point to my opinion about less exposition but those kind of dialogues in the right place can make us see how is the psyche of the character in question before the climax of their arcs.


I do remember a support where Edel chastises Hubert, and he basically does it anyway


Their final support. Edelgard practically allows him to make the crimson path for her. Which is fine but the fact that they are in the good ending and she will still allow murder and all instead of doing something less extreme when all is over is my somewhat little nitpick about it.


Yesss, that’s exactly what I feel about AM, and you explained it more concisely than I ever could. :feh_nino:

I was also not doing very well mentally back when I first played AM, and seeing Dimitri’s struggle with a lot of stuff that obviously wasn’t the same as what I went through, but similar enough to draw parallels, was gut-wrenching at times. :catcry: Yet at the same time, seeing it all from a third person perspective and also seeing him recover after all the hell he’d been through also helped me immensely. :fgo_ereshwoah:

So yeah, like every other route, AM has its flaws, but it will forever hold a very special place in my heart for what it did right. :fgo_ereshlove:


After seeing these numbers at this point. I can’t say I am surprised. But the dived is huge. So I guess I will just have to do a Vairdent Wind playthrough next just to see how bad it actually is. After all CF is the best because you get to destroy an entire religion that is a POS to begin with. Plus Rhea, thoughI like how she is at the end with Byleth, she is a truely terrible person when you get right down to how to she treats those that don’t see things her way. Then SS is second best because yoy get to kill off the real villans of the game.

Favorite leader is Edelgard hands-down.

While Claude is the more likeable Lord, for certain, I wholeheartedly agree with Edelgard’s drive to uproot the corruption that has left the people of Fodlan suffocating under the rule of a tyrant that wields their god like a weapon, while also returning the power from that tyrant to the hands of the people. That’s also why I like her route better.

This is also why I like Edelgard better than I like Claude: because she’s so well-done as an actual character that she causes a rift in the player base based solely on the player’s own ideals and moralities and not some superficial aspect.


Yes, most people I talked to when the game came out wanted to do Claude’s route because of his looks and the same can be said for Dimitri. I am sure there were some that felt that way for Edelgard, but even after showing some of them a bit of the summries about the start of the routes and tid bits about the characters they still stuck with looks as a top reason.

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Well, there’s little else to go on without really knowing what each character is about. Tidbits only get people so far. Admittedly, I chose Black Eagles first because (while yes, Edelgard is cute), I liked their color scheme of red and black, two of my favorite colors. But after playing through every single route and experiencing the delivery of the story from different perspectives, one should be able to defend their choice of Lord the way I could easily defend my support for Edelgard. I imagine the number of people who still choose Claude only because of his looks after playing through the game once or twice is much lower.


He is better after the time skip, but I don’t like certain parts of his attiude which is why I never picked him.

I have to say you hit the nail on the head with the Edelgard analisys.

Lords + Rhea: Claude > Edel > Dimitri >>>> Rhea
Claude is the standard peaceful lord archetype, but with enough charisma to pull it off without feeling cheesy.

Edelgard has her issues, but she goes through so much crap in the backstory I just want to give her a hug. It’s a miracle she didn’t turn out worse. I do think she’s a really interesting character in the context of the game, and her characterization seems to have the most subtle differences depending on the route. She’s also the protagonist of my favorite route.

Dimitri is similar to Edelgard. I ranked her higher because I liked her route significantly more.

I will say that Rhea is a well-written character, but I still greatly dislike her. Her interactions with Byleth are mostly just creepy, even if you know about their relationship, and her role in the backstory made me lose a lot of sympathy for her.

Routes: CF > VW > AM
Despite its issues, I really like Crimson Flower for going out of its way to subvert expectations about how a Fire Emblem story should go. The Nyna is a violent, unstable dictator who did awful things to amass power, and continues to do awful things to stay in power, but she maintains the people’s admiration by covering up the evil and doing just enough good. The invading empire, who would be automatically in the wrong in most games just for starting the war, is treated much more heroically because they’re trying to depose said dictator. Real-world political subtext also plays into this a bit, because Rhea and the Church’s behavior is very similar to some unsavory political groups in my country. Finally, more than any other character, it feels satisfying playing Edelgard’s route and guiding her into the benevolent emperor she tries to be in the other routes.

Verdant Wind is the closest thing the game has to a pure happy ending. It’s satisfying as a player, but a little disappointing from a narrative perspective. As much as I love Claude, I agree that the war is really none of his business. I don’t know, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this route.

Azure Moon is at the bottom because it basically ignored the greater plot and focused on Dimitri. I played this route last, so, considering the background info I had from CF and VW, it felt incomplete. A couple of their higher-ups are killed on accident, but TWSITD as a whole are never actually dealt with. Even if it was offscreen, at least CF wiped them out in the end. I hate how it’s the most status-quo-friendly of the routes, despite the game making it very obvious that things need to change in Fodlan. I also never felt very attached to most of the Lions as characters compared to the other two houses.

It feels a little unfair to rank Silver Snow because I still haven’t played it, but from what I’ve seen/heard from it, I’m in no hurry to change that.


Right? Like I appreciate what they were tryna do but…

I’d rather one cohesive, fully fleshed-out, and unique well-written route compared to one short/rushed unique route and three blobs that bleed into each other


The true Silver Snow lord