For Three Houses fans. Which path leader do you like better and which path is your favorite?

Awhat country do you live in if you don’t mind me asking?

45% of GP users preferring Blue Lions explains a lot about this site


…what part?


I’m gonna pass on that one. I intentionally kept that line vague because once you get into political discussion, emotions get high and arguments can get pretty heated, and it’s really not an appropriate topic for this board. I’d prefer not to give any more details at all, because even innocuous sounding stuff like that could easily lead to “he said [country], obviously he’s talking about [political party]” and spiral out of control. I’ll just leave it at the fact that there’s parallels with real-world people and groups that cause me to feel more/less favorably about certain factions in that game.


Claude’s my favourite of the house leaders. I like his charm and that his goal is an open world where people aren’t prejudice. Also that he’s happy playing underhanded but knows the limits of it.

Dimitri I’ve nothing much against, I can understand why he’s got so much rage given the loss of his family, seeing Duscur massacred yet not wanting it and then Edelgard’s collosal betrayal and the loss of his kingdom. Understandable pain but not one that makes him appealing to me.

I like Edelgard in her supports but in the plot she’s just a genocidal, land hungry, warmonger who jumps when TWSITD command her without even realising she’s always in their plan. Not her fault given she was raised by her ultimate enemy and pretty much conditioned by them to act as they need her to act even though she thinks she independent. It’s the only explanation for why she kills Rhea as ordered when she’s the only piece on the board keeping her ultimate enemy from acting freely. She wants to kill both sides but why not take out TWSITD while they’re restricted? I know she in particular is highly decisive and I will not be debating anything as that’s a quagmire I don’t want to enter.

For the route, I went Blue Lions as that’s the best collection of students. Just need to recruit my beloved Dorothea and I’d be happy with just them for any playthrough. I love Ingrid and Dorothea’s interactions in supports and their paralogue. Dorothea is just so clearly into Ingrid who I read as a deeply closeted lesbian who’s too focused on her duty of continuing her family line with her Crest to think about her own nature. My second favourite couple in the game after Catherine and Shamir.


Edel because female axe unit are so rares (and lord even more!), and She got Ferdi in her base roster!
And DK is a nice bonus

A shame crimson flower is the shortest path… with a lot a things unresolved… and let a unfinished taste in the mouth.


So I feel each route has a sligthly different vibe and very different dominant theme, and while all routes are emotional, I feel like BL, at least to me, was the most by far.

It might be because of all the angst (cuz yeah, it was clearly the angstiest by far) or many characters already knowing each other and having more solid relationships (like the childhood trio or Mercie and Annette. Also, Dimitri and Dedue are cute and sweet and Edel and Hubert’s relationship is lowkey creepy on Hubert’s side). I just know by the end I felt much more attached to those characters than in any other route, and also, AM supports just overall felt much more significant and relevant to me than other route’s supports in general. Like I remember having just finished it and being excited about what new amazing supports I’d find in Black Eagles, how many secrets and concerns these characters might have and keep to themselves and then I go see Bernadetta running away with funny music in the background :feh_felixclown:

Not to say all supports in other routes were bad, just felt like although with a bunch of exceptions it decreased the overall quality.


Well, as someone who’s played every route, Verdant Wind is definitely my favorite (yes, mainly cause the Golden Deer House is Marianne’s house but gimme a sec.) and my favorite lord is Claude

To be honest, I think the first impressions of the lords really impacted me, though I can’t say I felt it. Edelgard and Dimitri were already showing conflict, pointing out flaws in there way of thinking when they were trying to recruit Byleth. Then Claude interjected, I loved it! I personally like charismatic funny characters, and Claude is very much like that, but despite his jokes, he made in a really good point. Before trying to actually recruit Byleth (though, I suppose this could also be a tactic TO recruit) he wanted to “bend their ear” and “establish a deep and lasting friendship… before begging for favors” while this could easily be a lie or joke (or maybe both?) I liked his approach the most compared to Edelgard’s and Dimitri’s “I want YOU for Adrestian Empire/Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.”

Unfortunately, I must agree that Claude never got that much focus as Dimitri or Edelgard and even at the end of VW, I still had questions about him.

As for why Verdant Wind is my favorite (besides it being Marianne’s house’s route) is that… it has the most satisfying ending. I do like the overall story, but I think the winner of overall story is Azure Moon if I looked at think with as little bias as possible.

As already mentioned, CF was cut way to short and resulted in being very unsatisfactory and has a few nitpicks myself. Again, I think Azure Moon is the best route for overall story, but I just enjoy Verdant Wind so much more than the rest, I guess that’s what comes down too. Mainly cause of Marianne! :feh_marismile:

And this


The only real reason I voted for it (also “none” not being an option)


That picture makes her look Thicc!
I don’t think Marianne is that thick if at all in 3H.

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