For who should I summon now?

Hi !!! I’m looking for advice on who is worth getting for me, some notable things I think are useful to know about my roster is that:
Quetz is np3, emiya np4, camilla np4, saber shiki np2, and most of my SR are at least np2.
Who I was looking for are both raikou, maid alter, bb summer, MHXX and and mainly hokusai and eresh, but I dont think I will manage to summon for everyone, who do you recommend me? It’s ok if it’s not one of the ones I just said.

Thanks a lot in advance !!!

I mean, gameplay-wise your roster is pretty rock solid as it is. Summoning anyone else at this point would be based on personal taste so whichever servant is cuter you should pull for cough bb summer

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Thanks!!! yeah I want BB summer, but I cant decide, maid alter or her, with miad alter i can also get raikou lancer, and with bb MHXX D:

BB summer and MHXXX tentacion still have a chance of getting them on the next rerun. But with Maid Alter i think that this is the last especific banner for her

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The answer is in your heart. ~ :fgo_hokusaiwink: