Forbidden page and evil bone farm

Those suggested from site not really effective for farming. Plenty of time I dont get the drops more than AP I spent. Is there better drop rate than suggested or class based training ground does better?

if you’re not in an immediate rush, just wait til the da vinci lotto rerun in january imo

it has both these mats in the lotto, and the lotto is infinite

also, that’s just how rng works

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Burning field in fuyuki (the 15 ap node) is the best bone only node imo. I farmed there in the post nerofest dead time.

Pages, might consider 1/2 ap caster day. Don’t know if it’s better than hyde park, but at least you’d get other stuff too.

Welcome to farming hell…

I need around 120+ forbidden pages and 150+ evil bones. Not sure if I can manage get all that much in 1 event xD

How often does evil bone dropped? I tried hyde park and it feels pretty bad drop rate 27% seems like RNG pretty bad on this game more than 3 runs no page at all

Only 150? What a trifling pile of bones. That wouldn’t even cover just Nitocris (if you max all her skills). Bones are a very common item demanded en mass. If you haven’t participated in full lotteries before, you can burn apples as long as you want to keep claiming lottery prizes. Some people claimed upwards to 300 boxes from nerofest. So you certainly can get over 150 bones from the DaVinci lottery in January.

Blazing forest still suffers from rng for the drops. I can go 5 runs with no bones, then 5 runs that all have bones and one even has 3. But switching between that and gear farming between the 1/2 ap qp and Christmas I got around 100 bones.

I’ve not farmed hyde park seriously myself, which is why I recommended caster training grounds at half ap. Books are frequent enemies and if they don’t drop pages at least it’s usually a secret gem.

Just remembered, have you done Edward Teach’s first interlude? 10 guaranteed pages drop from the pirate enemies for some reason.

uh, ““lore””

Well I skipped the cutscenes for that one since I don’t care about blackbeard…are you saying that it explains why?


mostly ironic spoiler tag

it’s basically comiket at sea or some other doujin convention.
the plot is you’re collecting some rare whatever for him, so the "Forbidden Page"s are that doujin.

even if you don’t like him, he gets beat up in the end, so it might be worth it to skim.


Yup, that is in fact where the occasionally-heard nick of “doujins” for pages come from. I like it.

welcome to the bone zone

I’m not planning to raise skills for most of my servants. In fact I’m trying to raise servants as few as I can except they are really great for gameplay since I don’t have alot favorite servants. I got tamamo no mae from class based summoning because I wanted to try get waver so seems like I need to build arts team although I prefer buster team since most servants I wanted to raise skills are buster oriented. But those best welfare servants aren’t buster oriented xD

Here’s my 3-turn comp for page farming in Shinjuku: Rainbow Town. I find it to be more efficient to farm bones and pages separately, myself.

EDIT: Forgot to add, support slot is another Waver to fully charge Mama. But without your own waver, you can just use a 50% charge CE, instead. May need some facecard damage to finish the last eyeball.

I don’t have waver and my ST lancer is cu FSN but I got lv 60 black grail. I’m raising arash currently and I think for 2nd wave I can use astolfo or another rider for 1 turn kill. For last wave probably impossible. Did you use nitocris NP twice?

I admit it’s been a while since I used this comp, but I think I was using Nito’s NP in waves two and three, yes. It’s going to be tough to replace Raikou’s NP damage with a 3-star, especially considering her self-buffs, but you can probably pull off a 4-5 turn with Arash/Support Waver/Astolfo/Cu, assuming decent charge CEs (or maybe Mages Uniform).

I’m using fragment of 2004 to level it and it raise alot of NP damage. I tried it with cu FSN and it did around 150k with support waver.

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I love Fragment of 2004, myself! Been using it a lot for my Musashi in story battles and CQs. Almost have it maxed, which is sad, because I have no RPs to unlock Anniversary Blonde. :frowning:

I guess I could burn Stheno and my NP2 Rhyme, neither of which I have plans to use in the future, but burning SRs just feels wrong.

I’m leveling it since my plugsuit already lv 10. I’m also planning to get Anniversary Blonde too. I don’t think its wrong to burn SRs especially if you dont want and need them in the future but I’m planning burning most of my SR after bond 9 them and ascension 4. I’m planning to just keep astolfo, herc, chevalier. Even I thinking to burn my amakusa later but idk xD

lotto has 4 bones and 2 pages per (real) box

so using pages for this, you’d need to clear a minimum of 60 boxes

which would net you 120 pages and 240 bones

honestly should be more than doable, so long as you focus efforts on it

and you’ll be able to get a bunch more generally high-quantity needed mats as well