FOREVER: Level 43 task

It is so boring that many players have 100Million XP and are still stuck in level 43.

I refuse to fight shadows with my alt (in general anything that takes time is a "no) unless it only once or twice to complete a special task so I will eventually be one of the players stuck there forever!!!

Do you mean L44->45 tasks? Beat 100 grunts, 50 leaders? Or the 43->44 30 battles per league +20GBL?

The latter are easy, especially with an alt as you can just 10cp mon it in seconds for the 3 leagues then just throw the same 10cp mons into 20 GBL battles.

The former, the rocket battles, are a pain if you don’t do them usually but are there to make you try them. Just like all the various GBL related tasks and rewards that I used to hate until I got more into PvP.

Rockets pay 500 dust each, plus a chance of a decent shadow. The leaders pay 1000 dust, plus a shadow sneasel with shiny chance if you stick to Sierra. Then you get a 12k egg that’s worth good dust and a chance for rare pokemon and xl candy. It might not be enjoyable but it’s certainly at least paying you back well enough.

If you truly hate them, just pick the easy ones, they’re all easy (can’t recall when I last lost to a shadow) but some are walkover, the fighting one is really easy with M2.

You’ve got to do it once, the L46 tasks are really easy, so even if it takes you twice as long, you’ll do it eventually. Failing that, L50 means bugger all anyway, so if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.

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Yes, I meant the grunts. So time consuming!!!

My second account is just for help with raids and do distance trading for XL candy whenever I travel somewhere.

It does not do much, connect to the gotcha, raid, open/send gifts… The 30 GBL battles is not too bad, I generally try to make it to rank 20 for an ETM at least with my main.

Well at least you’ve already done it on your main, your alt won’t be there for a while, unless that is I’ve coincidentally got 2 people with your name on my friends list. :wink:

I’ve always thought there should be an automatic reward… say once a month… if you have the xp done it will auto complete one of level tasks.

Im not big into forcing people to play different aspects of pokemon go other than the parts they enjoy

Why if the XP is done? I would like the XP as my montly reward (it is one of the level tasks) the rest of the tasks are easy … the XP is the long grind

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As I see it the Level up tasks are a two-pronged introduction, on a base level it gives trainers a new period of time where xp matters again and generally speaking is one of the widest variety of tasks available rather than simply time based or lick based (see my topic about worst research).

Behind that is an intention to “showcase” all aspects of the game. So it gives you a reason to learn about PvP, makes you find out about rockets and restricted team raiding and so on… niantic know that certain aspects of the game are slow, or activity is a bit flat, so it’s their chance to make a lot of players try the different stuff.

In here, we’re all far more experienced and open minded than the average player, so whilst most of us have already tried and liked, sort of liked or disliked each aspect of the game, lots of players won’t. The number of L40-41 players in gyms with only a couple of hundred battle wins to their name is bonkers. One friend in my group who is L43 and a great raid player has played GBL less than 10 times and so on.

Finally, the Level+10 power up limit is a ‘free pass’ - it means you never have to rise beyond 40 if you don’t want to.

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Heh the difference is you can get XP in any aspect of the game you like
where the tasks force you to play aspects of the game you might not like

The only thing I quibble about in your post is the tasks are too long to be an “Introduction” into a certain aspect of the game. Take the rocket step that prompted this. you could cut it by 80%. 20 Grunts, 10 leaders would be plenty of introduction to rockets. 100/50 isnt an introduction, its a time sink forcing you to grind them.

Sorry, maybe that wasn’t clear (the joy of plain text) I meant introduction as in they’d been introduced into the game, rather than to introduce players to each aspect.

I think the idea is, as you say, to force you to play “insert aspect here” but let’s say that you only do 20 rockets, you might not get anything good, but out of 100 grunts and 50 leaders, there’s a decent chance you’ll get something decent and potentially a shiny from a leader. Then you have the dust-rich 12k eggs and their generally unusual contents.

You’re right, it is forcing people to play the bits they don’t like and I still think it’s unfair leaving the only regular “free” ETMs behind R19 of GBL, but for niantic I suspect that’s a minor consideration for the percentage of people they get to play, even if only occasionally, other aspects in the future.

One thing wich people are not pointing out is that there is no real need to get to level 50 other than “brag rights” and a cool jacket. In that aspect is the same as hitting legend.
Level 40 was important back in the day because of pokestop submissions (lv38 nowadays), and the new 40 gives you the chance to start collecting XL candy, wich is very important.
Beyond that, it’s just completing tasks and experience to get to 50, if a task is time consuming there is no real need to do it. If reaching lvl50 would be easy the cool factor would also dissapear


I know, we are about to get to 3*. I usually will open the gift at the start of community days 11-11.30am Spanish time.

Now I am wondering which of my 3 accounts is missing you.

Don’t worry about timing anything, I’m L50 anyway so I’ll always try to make sure I give other people the level up. I’m on your normal (no number) and the one with a 4.


So you take the time to raise the alt account in the first place, but don‘t want to spend some more time getting it as far as your main? :thinking:

During some time I did not have a community to raid so I made an alt to duo dragonites, tyranitars and eventually rayquazas and heatrans.

As I said before it does not do anything that is time consuming and boring unless the reward is huge. Just help with raids, taking gyms faster, distance trading…

Exactly why I made an alt too, if you haven’t got a community sometimes you have to make one. Cuts through a lot of the tedious quest tasks that otherwise make battles, trades etc incredibly difficult when you have a small community most of whom live a way out of town and/or work shifts.

TL 50 here with a TL40 alt. I’m not gonna go for levels above 40 with the alt. Once you’re TL40 con can get XL and stuff, and Trainer Level becomes less and less significative. It’s just a flex, so of course I rushed the 176M XP to get TL50 for my main. The alt is just fine at level40 even if it already has the XP for TL41, I’m not gonna go for that. Don’t need it, can be as strong as I already am, not gonna be any stronger