Forgettable Servants


So the topic here is just a discussion on which servants you folks think of as forgettable not necessarily bad in terms of game play wise but just forgettable Story or Lore wise.

For me its probably Eric Blood Axe,Caligula and Beowulf so thats about it from what i can currently think of the ones i just thought of huh didnt even know they were here.


Pretty much any bronze servant that isn’t Arash or Leonidas for me. I forget about Fionn from time to time as well.


forgetting oh oppressor


Well for me, it’s not limited to 1-2 stars, but I guess the ones that don’t appear a lot in events and the servants that you don’t often see in support list

Eric Bloodaxe

Or i guess I just have bad memories…


That guy with the Bloodied Axe, you know, the one they call Bloodaxe King


For me, I’d say it’s any servant that doesn’t fill a niche of some kind. Caligula, Geronimo, Benkei, Phantom. Beyond their utility (or lack thereof), I also don’t find their characters to be all that interesting either.


Forgettable characters?

Who? I don’t know anyone like that. :smirk:


Before the Summer Event, Martha was such a Servant to me. I even forgot, that she had an appearance during Orleans.
But well, as said, since summer she is one of my most favorite Servants.
Other than that… Probably Romulus, Lu Bu, Mephistopheles… You know, just Servants that appeared in the early stage of the story didn’t have much of an impact on me and are therefor forgetable. I probably would’ve also forgotten Boudice if it wasn’t for her being my first Servant after Mash.
Oh, Alexander and Proto Cu as well.


For me it’s caster Gilles and caster cu between not getting any more of them cause story lock and being in early singularities I don’t think about them


Most 3* and below servants honestly, since my few SR’s(9 pulls+ starter and event servants) and SSR’s (4 pulls) are actually spread out and cover most of my needs without having to go to the lower rarities.

A few special cases of selective forgetfulness though:

1)I always forget that Ushiwakamaru is a 3* Rider because I grailed mine to 80. So whenever I pull a silver copy of her from the gacha I always go: “Oh yeah, she’s a Rare”.

2)When I think about my servants in terms of class, I always forget that Nero is a Saber. Even though she’s my second favorite waifu after Tamamo. Even when I pulled her (During Nerofest no less, so I knew she was on rate-up), when I saw the gold saber card I thought I had gotten Lancelot. Then I saw her, thought “Oh, yeah, she’s a Saber” and then was even happier than if I had gotten him.

3)Martha is actually an AoE Rider. Since I only leveled her up for the Pillar farming in the Temple, and I just used her skills before switching her out, so I never actually even attacked with her, I always forget that Santa Alter isn’t my only AoE Rider.


I forget about Brynhildr alot… and most of the 1-2 star servants except hans, shakespeare and arash


Eric Bloodaxe, Darius, Saber Gilles, OG Liz and Santa Alter.
I often forget i even have them since i have a LOT of competition already ascended and maxed. I even forgot once that OG Liz was not Saber Loz but Lancer Liz and she was sitting on second archive



I COMPLETELY forgot he was a thing due to having no appearances outside of London or the Valentine event

Doesn’t help that he’s bottom tier either


I have never seen proto cu in a cutscene outside of his own interlude or the valentine event. Same for lu bu and ko gil

I only ever remember seeing mata hari once during Halloween

Angra Mainyu is barely there but hes so rare that you have to acknowledge his existence.


For now! Paracelsus is now super awesome on JP. That sexy 50% NP gain rate and 20% arts buff in one kit is awesome for farming. It helps that his NP (even now!) is actually rather similar to Nitocris and you can use it for wave 1 (or even 2 sometimes) farming.

I made a motion for a move to Tier 4, but I was vastly outnumbered.


List of Forgettable Servants:

I forget!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Aww, Paracelsus needs some love. Wait until he’s the NP spam enabler budget Tamamo + Bride. Just wait.

Lu Bu appeared in Septem, but that singularity was a mess. We also got Stheno and TamCat for a hot sec. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Beowulf, Benkei, Phantom, Romulus, Saber Gilles, Boudicca, Darius, and, oddly enough, Tristan, Medea Lily, Marie Antoinette, and Zerklot.


Hektor, Erik Bloodaxe and Benkei.


Zerklot and Proto Cu. They don’t appear in any of the singularity. It’s like they’re here without being here. Well they are helpful at least. Fionn and Diamuird too even if they appears in the America singularity but they were useless so…

Oh and Mata Hari, I forgot about her. not in any singularity either. Don’t understand what sh’es doing here actually;


Oh man, I have always been in extreme disagreement with Paracelsus’ low placing on the tier list. He’s a semi-decent servant who’s going to get so much better.