Forging Bonds and Askr

You ever wonder how weird Askr and forging bonds are? I usually think this at least once per, usually when someone in them meets someone who’s very much supposed to be dead (Matthew and Leila, Ninian and Nils).

This time it was triggered in the very beginning when Marianne says somethin like “I hope the goddess can reach us here” or something and the comedian in me was expecting Sothis to just walk by and go “Sup’?”


I always find the Fallen alts the most awkward

‘‘Hey uhm Kiran, mind telling me why you keep this deranged version of me around!?’’

Kiran: :neutral_face: Well uh yeah… about that… their weapon is pretty lit?


My favorite is the seasonal alts meeting themselves, like ingrid and ingrid joining ilyana and ilyana in the heavy plate corps


Can’t wait till OG Felix shows up and immediately dies when he sees himself in the santa costume, while OG Sylvain dies of laughter.


Everyone from PoR: “Why is Ashnard here?”

Kiran: Shrugs and points to his collection of evil red mages “He’s unique, that’s why. He’s got a sword.”

Edit: That’s also why the Lyon one was so great. Everyone else was freaking out and Lyon was just like “Jokes on you, I already know.”


Lyon took his braincells back from Ephraim just to school Fomortiis in 4D Chess.


The fallen guys seem pretty chill for evil guys, they didnt even outright attack anyone they see. Fallen Julia was especially tame (‘Unhand me at once!’), letting people push her around doing skits.


That’s because most of them are actually good people deep down (which is the point; let’s all be friends), and the ones who are actually evil are in complete control of themselves (Ashnard).

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