Forgive me, for I have caved

I have been posting on the orb count thread for a couple of weeks now, but when I saw the new Lull skills banner had Kiria, the only thing I thought was “Ooh, Kiria’s back! Even my +Atk Reinhardt with DB4 has trouble with her in TT” and summoned on my main account. Including inbox orbs, I had 115 and by the end I had 21. I was supposed to be saving those orbs for Emperor Edelgard merges and I didn’t even think of that.

I regret my actions and will reimburse myself for the 94 orbs I spent.

But strangely, I also don’t regret my actions because I did get a merge for Ayra and Ike without any pity and a suboptimal Brave Celica for DB4, as well as a +Atk, -Spd Sirius (who was a new unit for me).

I felt like I absolutely needed to confess.

Moving to Fluff as this is not a Discussion.



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I… don’t know what to take from that.

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Welcome to the club!

Though for me I went to the Bridal Banner, because I want Atk/Res Oath for my Beruka and Duo heroes I don’t have the urge to HM farm so it’s straight fodder. For 60 orbs I got an Amnesia Lady and Wolf Cub… Not bad, not even close to anything I wanted, but still not bad.



Now just +HP IV, merges, and Distant Ward :feh_bkhaha:



I mean L!Edel just came out so she won’t be back for a while

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Hey that was my first sirius too :joy::joy::joy:
Don’t worry the bane hurts him but he still works pretty well anyway

Yeah, but if you’re trying to +10 a unit (I think that’s the case with OP), it takes months to get enough orbs. So spending 100 orbs or so is pretty big. :catcry: At least they got a Sirius, I’ve been wanting one for a while now. :feh_legion:


Well I want people in the same boat as me because I don’t want to be alone with an unmerged L!chrom and +2 L!julia :catcry::catcry:


Actually, I’m fine with the flaw. His Spd gets so high with his weapon and base Atk/Spd Solo, plus Lull Atk/Spd. I’m thinking of just slapping him with Rouse Spd/Def from Ferdinand and he’ll be good to go.