Forgot about choosing a Hall of Forms unit to get, help me decide!

I’ve got these three built up but I can’t decide which one I should pick up!

For Python he’d be pretty useful for his hit and run capabilities and he would also be the easiest to merge. His usage in Aether Raids would be very solid!
For Rinea she’s tempting since she would be a dancer with nice offensive tools (and I’ve never had a dancer like that before). Also, I had considerations to use her alongside Fallen Berkut :catburn: .
Valentine Rudolf is tempting just because he’s got Far Save! I do already have Ascended Fjorm, but he could also be worth my while.

  • Python
  • Rinea
  • Valentine Rudolf

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I do have access to an extra Forma Soul since of Celestial Stones and the Summoner Duels (if I grind it), but I don’t want to use more than 1. Which would be the best choice?


Do you have B!Hector with hardy yet?


Well I do have a Brave Hector, just not with Hardy Fighter on him (While I do have several copies of Hardy Fighter, I’d feel butthurt about sacrificing my Ascended Fjorms).


Well Hector and A!Idunn are by a wide consensus the best far saves in the game, so I wouldn’t feel bad about saccing one to Hector.

If you really, REALLY didn’t want to do that though, I’d forma Rudy. But just know atm Rudy is just a significantly weaker version of hector.


I would say Python because he’s super easy to merge


It was between Rudolf and Python, I used my forma on Python with similar skillset to yours and He has worked amazingly, it was a good investment.


I was gonna say Rinea for the same reason, and I can’t think of any other SoV Dancers for Limited battles.


I went for Rudolf too.
To take notice that he’ll most likely get a refine soon, so even if he may be worst B!Hector now, he could potentially be better B!Hector in the future. Just some food for thought. And Hardy Fighter is also very premium so might as well…

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Yeah, but as a dancer dance is all you need.

The rest is just icing on the cake.

So for python the skills are much more valuable.


Dancing Berkut is the other one.


Not necessarily. A good dancer who can fight or support beyond Dance is more helpful IMO, in this case Menace for debuffs and a small amount of combat ability (mostly in countering Beasts and Dragons with Ruptured Sky).

Ah, yes. Thank you! He’s time-limited and hasn’t been around in a while, so I completely forgot about him. I even HAVE him.

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Yeah, dancers with multiple roles are good, I never denied that.

However, their primary role is always to dance, and with WoM they can pretty much reach the peak of that ability.
Everything else for them is secondary.

Compare that to Python, who’s primary role is offense. He needs those skills a lot more to perform well, compared to a dancer.


Yes, Python can use those skills as well, but when it comes down to the matter of inheritance, which unit do you think would be most likely to be given skills like this, Python or Rinea? I would argue that Rinea would be the better option to get these skills as a Forma when there’s no fodder to be lost because what are the odds that she’s going to get skills that support her team later on, short of someone who just really likes Rinea?

I vote Rinea because there are other units worth foddering units to above her, this is a chance to get her with good skills without sacrificing fodder.

That’s a pretty weak argument, especially when OP is F2P.

You might not have that fodder, or be willing to use it so easily. I myself almost never summon for fodder (because I would rather be +10ing characters I like) so I very rarely have all the fodder that’s optimal.

In fact, I can tell you right now that if I wanted to make that Python build, I have literally none of that fodder available.

Considering all that, getting Python without having to waste the fodder is huge, especially, again, for a F2P player like the OP.

Generally speaking, I do know that Python is likely the better choice for an offensive unit. He’d be fast, have canto, and would be good for most game modes.

But at the same time, I DO have a soft spot for Rinea. I really like both her and Berkut as they really left a strong impression on me in SoV (oh, and the Blue Forma Stars match with her outfit which makes it really nice to look at).

I’ve also never invested super hard into a dancer before, if that’s worth anything.

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That the person is F2P only strengthens the argument. If they have limited fodder to work with, then inheriting to Rinea is even farther down the list of priorities and using her ONLY for Dance, especially in some Limited battles, would only end up wasting a slot that could be used for a unit that actually contributes beyond a single function and dies.

This is a chance to get a Dancer that can actually contribute beyond mostly just standing there, WITHOUT needing to use any fodder OP may have or may get.

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Me, who sparked Kris(f) on L!Lyn’s remix banner just because I wanted Spurn and Fury 4 for my S!Norne (instead of getting another merge for L!Lyn or F!Grima):

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I do pull for fodder, just extremely rarely (I can probably count the number of times on one hand); usually it only happens for premium or favorite units I have +10ed.