Forma Conundrum :feh_birbpeek:

Since there’s only a few days left I need to figure out who I want to Forma so I can invest harder in them in preparation for the forma

As a F2P, I currently only have the one forma soul, being the free one they gave out a few months ago
I like all of the character choices pretty equally at the moment, and all four are invested pretty equally as well

it’s not really a question of whether I want to use it or not, it’s me being indecisive and being unable to choose



  • Probably the most potent unit in this batch gameplay-wise alongside Shannan
  • Already have another Larcei for an easy +1
  • Probably the most well-rounded of the batch


  • Saturated class combo (infantry sword)
  • May not need the fodder as much as the others
  • Already have a +4 Ayra


  • New unit
  • also pretty good gameplay-wise


  • Same as Larcei


  • Rare movement/weapon type combination
  • Already have a merge, neutral +1 is a huge performance improvement over -Atk
  • Doesn’t need too much fodder after forma, one skill set covers most of his uses


  • Mostly locked into an offensive role, not as flexible
  • Lack of fodder donor variety (Can get almost all of his wanted skills off a single Shamir)


  • Easily mergable
  • performance increases greatly with good skills
  • Good selection of inheritable lances


  • Probably the worst out of the four
  • Lance flier
  • not the most flexible either without lots of investment
Here's what they look like as of now, although it doesn't matter much

So… after reading all this, what do you think would be the best choice to focus on building for a forma unit?

  • Larcei
  • Shannan
  • Ced
  • Altena

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I always feel that unless you are going for a +10, a forma just isn’t worth it.

With that in mind, as well as a few other things, I vote Altena.

She needs fodder the most, and is the easiest to +10. You can get some juicy fodder for her, and make her a powerhouse of a unit for essentially free.

The others are much easier to come across fodder for, and are harder to +10.


I think, considering what you have now, Altena will be your best bet

Larcei is good but her Prf has fallen off a tad, IMO, especially now with the refine for Ayra’s Blade. Regnal Astra/Imperial Astra are the main reasons to use Larcei and Shannon, and since you have a +4 Ayra, I think you can easily live without

Ced faces some severe competition from other green mages with more powerful Prfs (Y-Merric, L-Celica, and Pent come to mind)

Altena is by far the easiest of these to merge and, in theory, you can get most or all of the skills you could want on her in HoF (of course this implies your luck with pulling her is not horrible. I have not pulled any of her in more than a year). All the rest of them have very solid base kits, especially Larcei. So for a FTP, I think Altena has by far the best value


In your shoes I have to say none of the above

But eh. I guess Altena for merges, and she might get a decent refine someday unlike her father


Ced, because he has green hair.