Forma Inigo: Joint. Dist. Guard or A/R Menace?

What is says up top. I’ve had JDG on him for almost the whole event, but in trying for Ruptured Sky the menace decided to show up. It syncs well with the Plegian tome, but I had already planned on using him on a debuffer team anyway so it might be redundant. Or, it would help him to be self sufficient if I ever use him on another team. JDG is good for support since his offenses suck anyway and he’ll probably end up dancing most of the time even if my build says otherwise lol.

Thanks to the free forma from the new game mode I’m definitely going to get him, and both are pretty expensive skills so I’m. Very stuck. Advice? Thanks in advance!

Here’s the boy in question:

Btw, double Blade Session is busted af


I think joint distant guard isn’t really the best choice in general. He doesn’t benefit from it much because he doesn’t have very good defensive stats to begin with. I would aim for joint drive attack or speed instead because they provide a more useful buff for both him and his allies. If you want to use him to support a tank with DC, distant guard 3 provides the same buff to the ally, so going for the tier 4 version isn’t necessary (except for arena scoring purposes).

Between the two, I’d pick the menace because of your current build. If you plan to change it to a defensive build with TA and a raven tome, then distant guard could help him. Plegian weapons with a menace are a drug :feh_flaynfish:


I had been leaning toward the menace and this cemented that. Thanks!


Happy to help! Good luck getting ruptured sky if you still want it :feh_flaynyay: