Forma regrets and triumphs

Hey peeps. Any of you have regrets for using a forma soul when you wished you could take it back? Any forma that you totally do NOT regret?

Any regrets for ones you did NOT get that you wished you had? (Able to afford or not doesn’t matter)

Per Myrrhder:


In case some of yall forgot the forma units.

Not that I needed it :sunglasses:

Don’t have any regrets tbh. Just waiting on a unit I really want with good skills. So far, none of them are ones I would’ve wanted except maybe Mamori.


Wait, I read the thread wrong lol. I didn’t have a forma before, but now that I do I don’t feel I’ve missed out so far.


Thanks for the link my Dude. Lol I should edit it to include regrets of ones NOT got.


I’ll go first.

Full Regrets:

  • None

Partial Regrets:

  • W Cecilia
  • B Fjorm (almost a full regret — that may bite me on future HoF’s)

Moderately Happy With:

  • M Grima
  • H Micaiah (would’ve been more happy but I REALLY got bad rolls for her)


  • B Lyn
  • B Lucina
  • B Roy
  • Edelgard
  • Kiria
  • Minierva

btw why partial regret on W!Cecilia? Not enough merges to make full use of her or was she gonna be an AR unit but you found an alternative?


The latter. I dig her but she doesn’t take a hit very well when I practiced with her against tough teams. BUT I did get super awesome skills with her, like broadleaf CC SF And pulse smoke, and have the option to +10 her. I planned on it once upon a time, but she needs a better B skill right now.

She is an exception of my unmerged or +10 grails rule, the only one in between at +3.


Never used one to regret or be proud of :feh_dimitricool:

Hopefully when I do use my free one I don’t regret it tho lol


I admit I’m a bit spoiled with so many haha, but for me it’s the best orb package deal out there. So when I buy it’s only that.

But I respect that you guys with one will wait for that perfect moment, which is awesome!


Can’t regret souls you don’t have :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

I only have the free one and I’m probably gonna use it on Minierva. Which tbh I doubt I’ll regret :feh_nino:


Excellent choice, sir

(Imo. PM1 may not agree, but if it meets criteria for 1) awesome unit 2) awesome artwork 3) fav character, go for it!)


Regrets: None

Super happy with:
Minierv, my only forma!
Was hyped when she was announced, and we have the free forma soul. I already had her +10, and for another reason or two, I couldn’t see a better unit for forma.
I was able to get Guard Bearing, which was the biggest wish for her, thankfully. I really like the idea of using her for a bruiser duelist, it feels like it fits the idea of her Prf A skill and statline. That being said, she runs an amazing Dive Bomb set too, but I’d rather build her this way (and wasn’t offered DB anyways)

No rein skill, but I got Joint Drive Spd, Swift Sparrow 3 (in case I wanna run a Player Phase build), Rally Up Atk+, Faithful Axe+ and Ruptured Sky. A good haul, I think. Saved 150/200 orbs on Guard Bearing if nothing else. Unfortunate that I wasn’t offered a Rein, but maybe I can get her one later.


Oh no, why B!Fjorm?

I do admit that her standing is shaky due to the evolving AR, but you did outfit her other skills that are not her base set, did you not?

Currently have only three healing flyers, H!Mia, B!Fjorma Soul, and Flayn, and each of them have unique characteristics (Mia is sadly overshadowed by Silque due to lack of natural Razzle Dazzle)


I wish I used one on W!Eirika, but U didn’t because they couldn’t get IVs back then pretty sure that was added like the next update too…


Idk if I’d call it regret but if I knew it was gonna be nearly 2 years since we last got a grail or demote sword flier, then I probably would have focus on and forma-ed Summer Fiora.


Oof, my condolences. I get it tho. Been meaning to ask, what is her B skill?

@kuraki I just don’t use isolation much these days because of evolving AR, but my only other Fjorm was -HP so a sore spot lol. BUT I can’t complain because her skills are awesome which was really the selling point: melancholy, rescue, ?, Atk Spd solo, mystic, Atk Spd rein.

And I do use her instead of Mia now for Rokkr lol


Dude you are dead on. I would have done Fiora and maybe Thea. I hate how IS pulled back on 3-4* hard except weak sauce units, so imagine my surprise when they gave us Minierva. They could’ve done OG. So IS helped redeem themselves, this month at least.


The best forma soul I ever took. I love this alt.

Other souls I've used
  1. Finn. I figured we could only get one at a time and took Finn from the first set because I didn’t have him, and we didn’t know trait fruit would exist at the time, or I would’ve taken Olwen. But I had her at +Spd, so I opted again. He’s alright, but not great.
  2. Bridal Ninian. I actually liked taking this one. Dancers don’t need merges, so getting great support skills, including Silver Goblet without wasting Rinea, was fantastic.
  3. Edelgard. Another fantastic pick. I got some eclectic skills with Distant Ward, Lull Atk/Def, and Threaten Atk/Spd. So that was fun.
  4. Adrift F!Corrin. Joint Drive Speed, Lull Atk/Res, Atk/Spd Bond 4, and Blue Flame. This was probably the best a forma ever turned out.
  5. Dancer Elincia. I got some fun skills for her, so like Ninian, no regrets.
  6. Laegjarn. Absolutely one of the best picks. I got such a great skill spread with her, I’m really excited.
  7. Brave Lucina. Again, really good skills were inherited, and she’s more support, so a great pick.

I will say I regret not taking more. Had I known trait fruit would some day exist, I might have, but didn’t. I would have taken Quan, Brave Lyn, and Winter Eirika if I had known I could fix the boon issue. I avoided both because I had really good boons and a few merges on each, but I didn’t know. I couldn’t have known…


Base kit or what I use on her?


I think she will still serve her purpose! When Def/Res solo seal appears, give her Palm Staff and she’ll be slightly tanky!