Forma skill input: Sonya

Alright, guys. Got a question.

I’m planning on Formaing Sonya from the current HoF ecent, and I’ve got a bit of a dilemma when it comes to picking a skill.

This is where my Sonya’s at right now:

She’s pretty good, all things considered. However. Ai just now got the option to give her A/R Unity for her A-Skill instead. Another good skill, but perhaps unnecessary?

Close Foil lets her hit hit back and buffs her DEF while doing it (for an effective +10, including her tome’s effect). Much lower requirement for positioning to get the maximum effect out of her.

On the other hand, Unity helps her avoid debuffs to her ATK and RES, letting her tank mages like a f-cking champion with her tome and potentially her Chill, immune to debuffs. More dependent on good positioning to get both Torch and Unity applied.

Should I give her Unity, or stick with Foil?

  • Give her Unity
  • Stick with Foil

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Even with Close Foil, her physical bulk isn’t good and she’ll only be able to use it once without healing. I’d focus on making her better at what she already does well rather than splitting focus which hurts that.


She doesn’t have the bulk to take in multiple encounters with physical units while Unity can be used in every combat, not just physical.

It compliments her Joint Drive Atk as well.


Unity, it is!

At least until Close Ward shows up.

I would honestly replace A and B with LnD4 and Special Spiral respecfully.
Her Prf makes her want to be a player phase special nuke, so unless you already have the Dark Excalibur special refine I would sugest to go for it a save 200 divine dew, on the contrary if you already have it, then Plegian Torch+ is a premium option.

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Plegian Torch is much, much better than her PRF, and the rest of her Forma’d skillset works around it better than a half-bit Ophelia.

Also, why waste the chance to get easy, free premium skills on a unit by giving her a skill she learns on her own? That’s just a bad call in general.

I disagree. It is true Plegian Torch+ is a really premium inheritable tome and very coveted by most green mages, but Dark Excalibur with the special refine is arguably better for someone like Sonya, specially in the hands of the AI.

The Plegian weapons work best for tank builds, giving the foe a maximum penalty of -13 atk and def/res only if they have a visible debuff (max -8, most of the time -4/-6), only when not adjacent to an ally.
Dark Excalibur on the other hand has better Mt (14) and +10 true damage on specials (this is why she is not half-bit Ophelia). Easier setting up and less risk of getting screwed by the AI. Works the absolute best with AoE and fast special procks.
That said, if you already have her Prf, Plegian Torch+ becomes the best option no doubt.
The point of going to Dark Excalibur is to save 200 dew, which is a lot, and not everybody can afford it, and instead use it for some of the new refines. Expect CYL3 units to get a refine late this summer and that will be -800 divine dew for most people.

A brief burst of DPS that is screwed over by Guards and Pulse Smoke over the ability to reliably duel anything magical (especially mage-counters) for extended periods of time without relying on Special activation? If I wanted a mage-nuke, I’d be building Ophelia. Also, I have plenty of other green mages that do that already. Namely, S!Elise and Rhajat.

So you’re saying that I should forego a premium skill that I may never get the fodder for and instead go for a skill that she can learn any time she wants so that I can save on a renewable resource that I get every time I refine another weapon? Gonna be honest, that’s some ass-backwards thinking, saying that renewable resources should be prioritized over limited resources.

I’m not saying to forego anything. You are free to make your decision, it is your money.
What I’m saying is: be pragmatic. That’s all.
Good luck.