Forma Souls?

With those of you who have gotten the Forma Souls, are they worth getting? And who did you pick as your Forma Unit?


I’d say if you don’t have them, and don’t expect them to get a banner very often, they’re worth it if even if you didn’t get the best skills for them since they still get their base kit. It’s better than them potentially getting RNG screwed on their boons/banes.

This was my pick, whose kit is ironically perfect for supporting my other Bladetome Cav, L’Arachel

Totally worth it IF AND ONLY IF you like the unit and invest to get them premium skills. I already had Lief at +10 so that was a no brainier for me. My goal in HoF was to get rare skills I wouldn’t normally fodder the user for, OR units I haven’t gotten.

Sturdy impact only comes on Tibarn and Summer Lyn, neither of whom I want to dispose of.

I haven’t gotten Ayra’s kid and thus couldn’t get close call.

Threaten Atk/Spd is locked to B!Alm and I’ve only gotten three of him: one to fodder to Kana and the other two to merge to get rid of their Atk banes.

And you get the idea for Ruptured Sky and Harsh Command+


Are you able to refine the Bellringer? As in, can you refine it for +spd? Or is the forma weapon locked at +Def?


You get the refine AND the original, so you can refine it to be +Spd, Res, Atk

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Fast Forma Finn.
I plan on making him a merge project sometimw down the line

I think it’s super dirty that they remove the merges on them. If they’re making you do a mandatory payment of $30 for a single forma soul, they should at least keep the merges. It’s not like they’re giving out the most powerful units out there either.
I’m extremely happy I didn’t buy it, and I don’t think I ever will, regardless of who it is.