Forma time again, with Ashnard (poll)

Hey GP, are you getting tired of people asking you whether or not they should forma a unit? Well too bad, because that’s what this thread is about.

As the title implies, we’re looking at Ashnard. Here’s the build:

Now obviously I’d rather have Atk/Def rein, but I haven’t seen it yet.

So anyway, is this worth it? It’s kind of an amusing tank build, with +24 to def/res thanks to all his skills (and +8 to attack), but is it any good beyond that?

Let me know, and at least vote in this poll:

  • Forma
  • Do not Forma

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Edit: I also already have 5 copies of him just from all his reruns and such, so it would be a pretty cheap grail project.


Aside of the rein, the build is good, the stance is super rare, if you have him as a grail project go for it, if not dont do it.
Also try to get the Annand sword, he already comes with gurgurant, also you could get winter Zephiel sword which is even rarer.


Unbound blade is just worse than his PRF in every way shape and form. Bellrigner is a good idea though, if it shows up.

He isn’t a grail project yet, but I wouldn’t be against merging him.


You guys really like flexing the bracing stances you got on your ashnards huh

i’d say it’s definitely worth forma-ing, aside from the rein, which can be changed eventually. Still, the attack debuff it gives is good.


although one thing you could change is rs to blue flame, since the attack of the enemy will be so scuffed you’re probably better off running another special entirely. But I get it if rs is the only arena scoring special you find lol, thats what i had on mine for the longest time until i got blue flame.


well is for arena scoring and very expensive, you can change it for the classic f2p bonfire or ignis for better damage output.


Yeah, it’s just rare so I grabbed it. In actuality I’ll probably use a healing special like noontime or Sol, or something else like the aforementioned Ignis or Bonfire.


Normally if someone is unsure about whether or not to forma I say don’t do it, but since you’re willing to merge him up if you get him I’d say go for it. Especially since it’s great cheap fodder


Yeah, I only really forma if I plan to merge. I’m just not sure how useful he would be; the build seems pretty solid, though maybe replace the solo S with QR.

Another factor is that I have so many copies, so it actually isn’t that expensive in terms of grails (which would otherwise be a concern).


oh yeah lol i didn’t even see the seal. Definitely change that to qr if you plan to forma this ashnard cause that’ll go really far.


I mean, seal doesn’t matter for forma, so it’s just whatever I could get my hands on. I was also playing around a little.




You’ve inspired me to fish for Ashnard skills now

Fuck far save Ilyana lol


I took far save W!Jaffar a while back, so I don’t need another one, especially one I can’t merge.

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I have plenty of Henriette copies

I thought about W!Jaffar. I like Jaffar. I have plenty of souls. Idk why I didn’t grab him

Probably because at the rate grails come in, you can only do like 2 units/year and I have plenty of grail units I’d like to finish :fgo_jeannu:


Well I mean, where would you use him? Are there other replacements for him (other red tanks) in your barracks?

If you’re only getting and merging him because you got good skills on him then fairly willing to bet you won’t end up using him that much. Whereas if Ashnard was already going to be a project, or a project you were on the fence on, then a bunch of really good skills is definitely worth taking. :fgo_mordredthink:


I was always going into this HoF with the idea I might forma Ashnard. I don’t know where I would use him, but I think he’s an interesting unit, and I like his gimmick of stacking atk/def in combat debuffs.


I have plenty of souls and don’t really care about Fates/Awakening, so I can spend

I don’t have a Sword flyer and I definitely don’t have one who can tank

But I do have Owain, Y!Marth, and for red tanks in general I also have S!Idunn, Sophia, Kiria, and Shannan/Larcei


Yeah also how many souls do you have is a pretty important question as well. If you have one, it’s a very different decision to forma or not, compared to if you have 6


Well then I say probably go for it. If you like him and were always planning to get him and merge him, then go for it, this build is pretty good