Forma time again, with Ashnard (poll)

I don’t think I have that many at the moment (like 2?), but I’m not averse to spending money for them either. $30 for a fully built unit plus some extra orbs is a pretty good deal that I don’t mind spending every now and then. Other than FEH pass it’s the only thing I ever even consider buying for this game.


Unless the Trace shows up, this is probably as good as it’s gonna get for mine


You’d get plenty of mileage if you decide to format. I’m currently running a less optimized version of Ashnard and he still stands his ground against abyssal units. Debuff stacking is just so busted since there’s no real counterplay. Enemies aren’t a threat when their stats are reduced to nothing…


oh look atk/def trace does exist. really hope that shows

honestly my thing is always if they come out posh, and you have the soul (don’t mind spending the money) get them. you get a decked out unit and there are a lot of places you can use him.