Forma vike c skill choice? (poll)

What’s the best c skill for forma valentine ike?

  • Armored stride
  • Joint drive atk/spd
  • Threaten atk/spd

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Unless you have an ally with Armor March, Guidance, or Ground Orders, I’d go for the Stride. Getting armored units around is a gigantic pain without one of those skills.


In terms of team efficiency, you’d probably want to get Armored March with either him or Greil, but if it doesn’t seem to come or you want to get the Ike forma, Armored Stride is probably the more interesting choice.


Depends on who you’re pairing him with and what weapon he ends up with. Carrot Cudgel or heart’s blade require proximity to allies which wouldn’t synergize well with stride. So if you go for stride, give him bellringer and either a solo 4 or a DC/foil for survivability.

Is he going to be merged up enough to be fast enough to absorb a hit? If he can still be taken down in one turn then the dual threaten wouldn’t be viable. If you use the dual threaten, make sure he has special fighter, a stat boosting sword, and a def or res solo or even fort def/res.

The joint drive is the only one that has universal use. Only drawback from that is the small buff and semi support role it pushes him into. But it would go well with hearts blade.


No, he’s not going to be merged. Currently his B is bold fighter and sword is guard. I plan to give him brazen atk spd4 if it ever shows up.