Forma W!Ephraim

I’ve been building W!Ephraim as one of 2 options for a Forma Soul (the other one being W!Eirika) and today I’ve come across Joint Drive Atk on C slot. While I was originally looking for Armored Stride (mainly for a Galeforce build) my luck has barely afforded me with Threat. Atk/Def 3, which in all honesty has been really helpful getting me through the high chambers. So, should I pick Joint Drive Atk or keep Threat. Atk/Def 3?

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His Weapon relies on him being alone so unless it’ll get replaced Threaten is a better pick for him.


Agreed with above, this is a somewhat rare case where a Joint Drive skill is more limited in functionality vs a Threaten skill due to (non) adjacency Prf/skill requirements. Threaten is not really amazing for him either, so good luck going for Armored Stride later! :crossed_fingers:


Now that I think about it, it really is a rare case of low sinergy with the Prf weapon, much like with B!Alm, and kinda explains why he has Threat. Atk/Spd on his base kit. Guess I’ll keep pulling for Armored Stride 3 then! Thank you both.


Eh bro, welcome to the community! (Like a month ago I see but still, lots of fun here man) Yeah man, Armoured stride on him as a GF user is best, especially and obv since his weapon has a slayer effect and with BF you’re ready to go.

This is my bro’s Ephraim in HOF and he might not even soul him, which is sad…

But I’d definitely go for something like this. And for A slot, even Surdy Impact over the push cuz the push is pretty much the same as his native Atk/Def solo.

He has spiral on him just for variation cuz he could be an awesome Draconic Aura destroyer too. Again his base build has BF already, so if you have the Combat Manual of him, you can at least have a +1 and you inherit his native solo and bold fighter too.

Edit: oops you have to use divine codes (normal) to get a copy, but could be worth it for the merge and extra skills. I thought he was a limited code copy… my bad


That’s indeed a very nice set for a Forma Soul on W!Ephraim. Armored Stride 3 really has the most value on C for him. Right now I have Festive Siegmund, Harsh command+, Ruptured Sky, Distant Counter on A and Vengeful Fighter on B, along with Threat. Atk/Def 3 as mentioned.

Got the option to pick Distant Ward on A at least 3 times now and I still have been keeping DC, very regretfully as Distant Ward is really premium fodder, yet I still opt for DC so to give use of the nice Def he’s got against bow and daggers.

My best shot at it would be if I could manage to get both Armored Stride 3 on C and Special Fighter on B (I’ve always prefered SF over VF for the special cooldown reduction, hence the better Enemy Phase potential, with QR on SS of course). Also It’s Curtains…+ as some niche utility but I feel I wouldn’t mind missing it, as Festive Siegmund is gonna be almost always the better choice.

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Yeah that’s a really nice build. Yeah I’d go for It’s Curtains+ and other skills especially if you’re going to go for that WEphraim manual, or if you already have him, so that you can merge him into the soul to get back all his native gear. That way you have options between curtains and festive sigmund. Very nice man. It’s fun building up units and debating if you’re gunna use a soul or not. I haven’t used one yet but I’m debating this guy. I just want a better chill, like Atk/Spd chill 2 or Spd/Def chill 2. But even then I’m not sure I’d soul him. I love infantry so he’d be a nice support and fun unit to use amidst the infantry units.

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Shame fliers can’t use Lull skills, that would be best for Firesweep+ LnD sets like that. Maybe some movement utility skill like Aerobatics or FF for AR-D shenanigans? Aerobatics would have great sinergy with Ground Orders, I feel that would be best for him.

Today I’ve come across Gilt Fork+ (Res) for my W!Ephraim, and I’m getting afraid I wont find It’s Curtains…+, what do you think of Gilt Fork+ for a side EP set?

Yeah man, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for Aerobatics, but haven’t come across it yet. I hope so, but I only have 9 tries yet sadly… I think you’re right though, and I’d like to get that as a B slot. I could use it as a seal if I don’t, but then I can’t use DB3 or SS or so as a seal. Fliers are really limited for their B slots.

Yeah I’d keep it for now for sure, I guess especially if you have a WEphraim merge at all? Cuz if you don’t I’d keep his native weapon, but if you do then you can play around with grabbing a rare, different one like Curtains or the Fork. So that’s what I’d do, and yeah the fork is a good weapon for sure when used right.

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I always get the luck of
Guidence 3 C skill
Guidence 3 S seal
Or Fruit of Idduun (I don’t remember how it’s spelld)

Are you sure Forma Units don’t get their Prf unless you merge them? I think that applies with inheritable skills but seems weird if they don’t get to learn their Prf, maybe SP is needed? I’m honestly not sure since the forma units I picked before I had another copy to merge into.

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Hm that’s a great question. I think it would be good to ask around to ensure you know before you soul. Especially cuz it can save you some divine toilet paper with getting that Ephraim book. I honestly have no idea if you only get the skills packed on and not their native ones. Knowing IS, you probably only get the skills you picked (i.e., the direct character you soul and can view their skills now, which don’t come with their base skills.)

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Formas come with base kits too, no need to worry.


Thank you! Also just found It’s Curtains…+ today :laughing: still debating if I should pick it over Gilt Fork+ or not. After that decision is made the only thing left would be to get SF on B.

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Here is my build running it’s curtains and j-drive atk. Build works really well because it doesn’t rely on him being far away from allies so he can use his awesome stat line as well as adjacency buffs from other units too! Very different from his base kit, though I am also wanting armored stride because he would make a great armor GF-er thanks to his prf slaying effect and bold fighter. He’d basically be a blue version of L! Edelgard with access to 1 less GF per turn. The two of them together on one map=shenanigans. That being said, him In this quasi-omni-tank build does work Very well and he is still my best forma of this batch!

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