Formidable Pixies

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Dose any one know the best way to get the formidable pixies to spawn in the fortresses?

I did a lot of Tower I and II Challenges and they spawned there at a reasonable clip. You’re still looking at a pretty low rate, maybe one every 2-3 Challenges. I got it done, though it is a grind. :-/

I’ve tried what the previous person suggested and encountered 0 pixies.

I’ve seen some suggestions that they appear in the top end of the Ruins levels, but generally in Tower 1-3. I’ve only managed to find one so far!

I’m a lvl 29 Auror and have completed that SOS assignment but it is definitely work. You need to have time. I’m in Ohio so on EST. I found if I battled chamber 3 with low lvl runes with full energy all the way to almost no energy around 5:30-6:30 pm daily , I would come across 1-2 formidable pixies. Best of luck.

I had it once (unfortunately before this SOS task) and it was in third chamber with runestone 3, I had full energy and it was around 17:00, tower in the park . This pattern I have tried also yesterday, but with no luck.

I think that if you have this quest, somewhere in the code of this game is also some game mechanics, what say to the game “Hej, this buddy has now quest about formidable pixies. Let’s decrease their appearing!”

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I may agree I passed this part and now need the death eaters I get pixies now but no deatheaters when I had the pixie quest I got deatheaters and no pixies. But levels 2-5 oddities rune stones and forts at night ( not dusk) is where I got most of my pixies when I decided to fight until I was done.

I only get common pixies - and I have tried everything at different times.