Forsyth and Balthus

What should I give to them?


I’ll take that Forsyth off your hands


Forsyth with Wary Fighter + Mystic Boost seal has been very useful to me in SoV limited battles :catdance:

As for Balthus, I put Deck Swabber, Sturdy Stance 2 (don’t have food for 3), QR3, and the Atk/Def Solo seal on him
His def is really good but his res isn’t too shabby either

Forsyth: Fort and wary, or go super premium and dew this -

Balthus: gauntlets so people will shut up about it

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How invested are we talking, here?

Possible examples:


This is the build I’m working on for my Forsyth. High sustain and team defense to match his highly defensive statline, though I currently run Swordbreaker to hard-counter Reginn in AR.
(I think I forgot to account for his Seal, here.)

High-powered Bruiser counterattacker.


Simple, to-the-point mix phase bulk unit.

Simple initiation build set to use his bulk as a frontline bruiser.

  • Forsyth, mine runs DC, special fighter, QR3. You could go with a gatrie manual from the ephemera get the crafty fighter, and use the steady breath seal to charge bonfire or ignis, he has access to the save skills which are broken and awesome, he can do well in both ranges but bear in mind that if you go far save you will need to give him DC.

  • Balthus can be a super tank with plegian axe + atk/def menace and atk/res solo, he doesnt need to double because he will kill in 1 hit, or with the steady breath seal you can have bonfire ready.