Found this on r/TheSilphRoad

I was having a quick browse through TSR’s subreddit and stumbled across this:
I think it’s a pretty neat idea, being able to do exactly the raid I want when I have the time would be amazing. While I don’t entirely agree with effectively making all raids soloable with scaling rewards, it does seem like a nice system in theory.

Tying rewards to group size would be an extremely bad idea. How many people in your area do you know who wouldn’t hop in the lobby if they thought they wouldn’t get the next tier of reward access? There are situations where I would do the same, and it’s already miserable trying to get people together to pull an EX pass that demands you not have a work life. Hard pass to this idea, as-written.

Edit: Here’s an idea, one small addition. Add an Interest Counter ™ to raid eggs, which displays a 1:1 rating of how many players are interested in doing the raid when it hatches. Reduces the need to go above and beyond to coordinate, and there’s little issue with someone trying to predate a bunch of players publicly showing they’re at a certain location (it would still be down to looking at all the nerds holding their phones out).

And, a just-for-me idea, a reminder that tells people not to use Aggron in raids. “Be courteous to your fellow players, and just don’t use Aggron, come on, now.”

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Definitely. Even just that would make raids so much more appealing .

BuT tHe GaMe ReCoMmEnDeD iT fOr My PaRtY :v

You like it better when they bring Slaking to the fight, because it is the highest CP pokemon they have…

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Aggron is, by far, the bigger offender out here. Slaking ends up in gyms.