Fous mad! The D Wizard is back in Town! (7M DLs roll thread)

doing this now before I go to sleep

The Time Hath (Almost) Come!
Behold The Lord of NEETs, The Watcher, He-who-shall-be-kicked.
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Merlin has returned to remind us Buster memes are eternal until Skadi, and he brought Saberfaces!

Masters of all luck ranks, come together and flex your rolls and wallet! Let us prove once and for all who the real Apex predator is: Man or Gacha


you know, I could fail at rolling for merlin when his banner drops

or I could wait to fail at rolling for merlin on friday the 13th

decisions, decisions…


Or you could roll Merlin on Friday the 13th :fgo_bbgrin:


So you took dibs huh


I can allready hear Fou’s filter bypassing cursing starting.

Good Boy Fou.


Traitor!! !! Wait till Tamamo got strengthened next year!! !


Skipping this banner.
Saving it all for Skadi next year. Merlin is nice and all but he is so easily available on my friend support lists…
I dont want to miss out on Skadi for 3 turn setups (i have dantes though NP1).

On the other hand, i have tamamo and if i get hokusai… she could enable really good arts 3 turn setups too hmmm.


Might toss a ticket or two to see if I get a Lalter but beyond that I’m skipping it.
I’m saving up for Eresh.

So is Skadi going to be. What’s the point?

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double skadi being much more important for 3t farming setups compared to merlin

or maybe just waifu

You need your own Skadi + another support Skadi to 3 turn.
Double Merlin doesnt really help 3 turning since buster cards dont generally give NP.

7m download campaign roll thread… But feels like something is missing from the thread… …

I remember!! !!


I don’t care about 3 turning or double Skadi. I just want to be self sufficient and need her for my quick team.

My plan is to stick her with Bride and Maid and use them as an arts critical team till Maid is ready to use her NP.


3 Turn WHAT exactly!? I can 3 Turn with Double Waver as well, depending on the node and the DPS.

If you can do it, it doesnt mean others can…

3 turning with double skadi and dantes is my goal.
Since dantes is an avenger, this would be more or less a universal set up which is ideal.

Oh well
Bought a 10 roll
Wanted lalter
Well at least penth is a good girl and a 4th kaleid

Ah and 660sq and still no ssr
Yaay ?


Are you fucking kidding me game? 151 quartz and 5 tickets only to have spooks to show for it: an np3 Ozy, a Rama, and a Lancelot, not even one Salter. Fuck this shitty gatcha, so done with it. What the hell will I do with all these exp cards? At this rate I will np5 Ozy in three more banners. I even cucked my GSSR, meh, it probably would have been another fucking beserker.

Hey, where can I redeem my 4 star ticket?

I mean,I’ll trade you. I was hoping to at least get one Lalter so I can spend my ticket on someone else (I see nowhere to turn it in btw). I got Saber Alter twice and an encore of my GSSR salt,I now have an NP2 Arjuna… Two people I do not use and one I despise.

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We can only exhange them starting from the 15th.