Fragment of 2030 CE

So I was reading William Shakespear’s page
and came across this text,

Ideal Holy King / A Fragment of 2030 / Profoundly Conducive (Bond CE) : These Craft Essences grant useful party-wide effects. **Ideal Holy King and Fragment of 2030 Tree both work in the background, ** while Profoundly Conducive is a decent alternative for Masters who have bonded well with the playwright.
I was taken aback since although ideal holy king definitely still has an effect on all servant even when you put it on backline servant, but I never heard that that also appliedto fragment of 2030 :o is it true? If it was true, isn’t it too op? :x like stacking 5 2030 ce except DD kind of too op, maybe this is a stupid question and I just misunderstood it :o

This just means they’ll both work without any active input from you. 2030 won’t have any effect if the servant is in your backline


2030 needs to be in the frontline to work.

I think by ‘background’ they just mean that you don’t need to do anything for it to work, unlike CEs with crit star gen buffs which still needs you to use that Servant’s cards to actually make use of the buff.





Oohh figured that’s probably it… Thank you :slight_smile:

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