Frankenstein('s NP Optimization)

So, Fran spooked me with her berserker form. And she can apparently deal 150K on the ruler in Nerofest…

The question becomes, how? What combination of CEs, Servants, and Support will let her hit that holy number. Assume no Waver or Merlin, or Tamamo, or any SSR/SR supports outside a friend support.

Just Fran, Free Event Servants, and 3 stars or below. And Craft Essences. It would also be nice if you didn’t need to use any Mystic Code abilities, just the first 3 Servants in a line up, but that’s optional.

I always have trouble determining what’s additive, and what’s multiplicative. Don’t expect Fran to have any of her skills past 4 either. Bones man…

This is the other answer to the question too. Multiplication and Addition.

That’s a high order but I can answer what’s added and whats multiplied.
Basically buffs and debuffs of the same category are added, and then all different types are multiplied. So like atk up/def down are added, buster up/buster resist down are added, and they are multiplied between.
The only exception is power up/np up/crit up. Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. There are two types of anti trait damage: power up and super effective. power ups are anti trait from skills (Scathach, Martha ruler, Raikou, Orion etc) and super effective are from nps (Tamamo lancer, Euryale, Gil etc). In the case of Nobu, she actually have both and they are multiplied.
Power up is added with crit up and np up, although you can’t have crit up and np up at the same time, apparently. Say if you give Scathach 20% np up, it would be pretty useless compared to her 100% anti trait. In the case of Fran she has no anti trait so you don’t need to worry about that.

(How to do 150k? I have no idea.)

Nerofest has damage increasing CE similar to raid event CEs. That CE would help you reach high damage numbers.

On traits and powerups - when you use scathach’s or raikou’s powerup you can see an icon above their health bars, jack also has that icon added when she unleashes her NP. That is power up damage which is additive to NP damage, Crit buffs and event CE damage ups.

Traits - Best f2p example would be euryale, when you overcharge her NP, her arrow when it hits the enemy it has an O.C up icon beside the damage number. That overcharge effect without adding an icon to the servant is the trait damage which is multiplicative with all buffs even event CE power up buffs.

Little correction : actually orion’s anti-trait damage is fr skill like scathach and raikou.

Oops! Corrected.

Did some calculations and I hope the numbers check out.

The problem with your restrictions are the lack of Quick support in the lower ranks.
I can barely name Alexander and Ishtar.
Buster and arts has better options.

The optimal team for your criteria would be Fran, Alexander and support Waver. The Waver is mostly to make sure the Np gets fired sooner than later so you could increase the damage with a support Scathach.

For Nerofest Spartacus is an easier option for most of us as he has a NP battery and can therefore more easily use the damage modifier. Shakespeare also exists so it is easy to reach 100% for most players.

Bones. Bones Bones Bones. Ah, I don’t want to be in Bones hell. I don’t even have Alex upgraded either.

Well, that does appear to be the answer though, thanks.

Also Thanks to XLM for the explanation too.

And yeah, not many supports. I have Drake, But that’s my only SRR I can think of that would be useful-ish. My other option is Lily’s NP for an attack boost. Pleanty of stuff that needs to be done.

I hope it helped.
I feel for you. Bones hell is awful.

Drake would be a good pick for the finals third wave.
With a Waver and Shakespeare’s support she can probably oneshot Gil and Nero.

I figure you got this number from me mentioning it in the earlier Fran thread. I failed to provide the necessary context from where this number stems from in that thread, apologies.
Essentially this comes from SoA’s Nerofest spreadsheet. The qualifiers page’s first few setups use Fran and Lartoria. These are essentially the best setups for this round as they can easily field 5 drop CEs and are exceptionally consistent/rely on any RNG, if you have the needed stuff, which is NP3+ Fran and NP2+ lartoria as well as either your own Waver or the Royal Brand Mystic Code.
Essentially, Fran is the only AoE servant who can reach enough damage to oneshot Helena without having class disadvantage against Sherlock and thus fail to kill him, and he becomes a pain to finish off with facecards due to his Ruler class. Lower NP level Fran can work but you will need Lartoria’s facecards to finish off Helena (should still be fairly consistent due to class advantage).
Thanks to @Poddiadv for providing the detailed numbers from a variety of situations.
If you need a budget comp, you can run Spartacus instead as mentioned. The issue with that is that Spartacus needs the 2G3L CE to reach the needed damage numbers, thus you can’t put a starting gauge CE on him, which makes the whole comp more taxing on CE slots. Check the bottom of the spreadsheet’s page for this f2p setup which can run at most 3 drop CEs if you want guaranteed 3turning.
Essentially, Fran isn’t some sort of wonder that can easily reach 160k damage numbers, she still needs a specific setup for it. Nerofest 3turning with maximum drop CEs can be tough even for whales. She has the highest ceiling of all AoE berserkers but requires investment and other specific stuff to get there. Spartacus is likely to be better for you if you lack the means to reproduce the comp I mentioned.

I happen to have Ruler Martha in my Chaldea. So even if she can’t quite manage a clear, I’m fine with taking 6 or 10 turns. Santa Lily likewise does well against archers. I have Drake & Melt decently leveled, and Hercules too at 50, and Kiyohime and Euyale leveled to Final Ascension. I still need to do a lot of Ember Gathering, which is why I was asking. Berserker Embers are always a thing you get.

That, and I do have Mystic Codes, I mostly wanted to know good setups that don’t require much.

I am also one of those ones who nabbed Nobu this summer too. So I should be good with this info. At the least, it is interesting information for clearing a wave during farming. Though I STILL need to level up Arash too.