Freddy, the confused knight

Finally got around to building this guy when he got his refine!

Kind of a little dissapointing that his refine is so confused with hit stats tho /: really wish they would have given him some sort of enemy phase synergy, since his statline works much better for tanking and hitting back hard with quick riposte.
Anywho, I have seven merges available, so he’ll steadily get better and better. If I get any swift sparrow 4 fodder he might even be able to double once and a while! To make up for that I might give him axebreaker, so he can murder Hectors with ease.


You could go with deathblow on his weapon then Fierce stance on his seal, for him to have an enemy phase. And if you want him to tank during both phases, fortress def/res would be the only skill that lets you do that but it’ll lower your atk, consider it a small price to pay.

I really don’t like doing mixed builds, I always feel like he could be better if I just picked one, yknow? If he ever does get past +5 (I abandon merge projects a lot) I probably will give him and enemy phase build, it just might involve a new weapon other than his prf


Fair enough.

That’s not Hector, he doesn’t have DC. Fake, 0/10

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Could always run Brasperation

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Let’s pretend I’m not stupid and put Freddy from the start

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Tbf, Freddy is Hector… without Armads… and DC

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Like GVader said, Brashperation is a thing so he can have some player phase on him.

If not that then you’ll have to put skills towards his speed.

I honestly have no idea what IS were thinking with this refine. :pensive:

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Well, I mean it’s not that bad… at +Atk +0 Freddy can reach 60 Atk on initiation and against Armored units he melts pretty much all of them (well besides Red’s with high Def)… Could it have gotten an additional effect on it’s base… sure, maybe Chill Def, it’s not like Chills can’t be on the base effect on weapons which would have made his weapon even better. But they can’t give every unit 2+ effects on their base weapons

I think he is a good PP unit with how high his atk is. Lilina has a high atk and res and low spd but she is made into a PP unit, not a EP unit.

The difference between Lilina and Frederick is that Lilina hits resistance while Frederick hits defense.

Not only that, but Lilina is Infantry, giving her access to skills like Spiral and Infantry Pulse support.

Huge differences.

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Lilina was always used as a PP unit tho, unless people built a meme EP build on her, which before her refine wasn’t really easy to go meme EP build on her, and with her refine being what it is theirs no need to use anything else on her except for the meme’s now

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I guess I don’t really understand it. He still reaches monstrous atk and most units have mixed bulk anyways. The only real downside to Frederick is that he is a cav.

I was just pointing out that they have similar stat lines. Just def and res is swapped

But what I was pointing out is that Freddy was mostly used as EP tank and not as a PP unit all that often where as Lilina was 9 times out of 10 always used as a PP unit before her refine

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I understand what your saying, but I don’t understand why people are as upset about him having a PP refine. I just am comparing him to Lil for the reason that they are extremely similar regarding stat line.

Yes, Frederick can reach monstrous attack levels, but what can he do with it exactly?

Lilina can hit units in their resistance and she’s ranged, allowing for quick getaways with Reposition tanks.

Frederick is melee. Because of that, the safety range for Reposition is much smaller. And he’s a cavalier.

So you have a cavalier with no resistance and not many ways to double units to proc Galeforce, or any Special really unless using an enemy phase set.

But you have a player phase refine…


I see what you mean. With enough investment tho, he is able to double and activate Galeforce

Just a 6 buff to spd and has 36 spd. Just a little debuffing and his spd is actually quite impressive. And he even has a spd suberboon if you can deal with the 3 less atk.

I do understand what you mean tho. He is limited by his cav status but I think he can excel as a PP unit.

I might have a little bias in the matter I guess because, besides for F!Berkut) I never use EP cavs.

He can be player phase but the investment for it is pretty massive, and even with Swift Sparrow 3 in this build, he’s only reaching, what, 43 speed? Enough to block doubles but not really reliable in doubling.