Free 4* ideas

Ah, I know you guys have seen enough. I was not gonna post this, but really the more I think about it the harder I could make a choice. :joy:

Here’s what I have now, mostly at NP1:
Saber: Bride, Altria, Nero, Saberlot(np2), Suzuka, Siegfried, Rama, Liz brave(np5)
Archer: Emiya, Chloe(np5), Nobu(np5), Atlante
Lancer: Enkidu, Raikou, Santa Lily(np5), Li Shuwen, Liz (np2), Medusa Lily
Rider: Maid, Ishtar(np5), Kintoki(np5), Santa alter(np5), Martha(np2), Anne Bonny & Mary Read (np1, and i have another copy im planning to burn…)
Caster: Illya, Tamamo, Nero caster(np2), Gil caster, Nito, Medea Lily(np2), Liz Halloween(np5)
Assassin: Scáthach(np5), Emiya(np2), Nito(np2)
Berserker: Heracles(np2), Tamamo cat, Lancelot, Beowolf, Chacha(np5)
Others: Jalter, Kiara, Martha ruler, BB

My assassin lineup is pretty weak, so do archers. So heres a few options I have in mind:

Tristan: for his party wide evade and buff removal(more importantly) and maybe the quick meta after Skadi releases?
Carmilia: eh, just because I need assassin?
Helena: mainly her party wide charge skill
Altria lancer alter: good damage and AOE np
Gorgon: AOE avenger which I lack

I saw Zerkerlot ranks pretty high on JP server, so I was thinking np2 him but seems like he needs a lot of investment and good setup around him.

I need advice :fgo_dshy:

Tristan for Challenge Quests or Helena for farming.

You have Tama, CasGil and he’s NP2. Kerry is more than capable as your main assassin, you don’t really need another.
That wide selection of lancers makes Lalter quite superfluous here. I’d definitely skip her.
Gorgon is good, but how often do you need an Avenger? Is there even a quest with multiple rulers? In any case, you can just borrow one as needed.
Zerklot is indeed pretty strong post-Skadi. With the correct tools he can T3 just about anything. But do you need to three turn that desperately? Outside lotto events, I don’t see how taking 1-2 more turns make a big difference when just doing 3 quests already depletes your AP bar.


If you want a AOE Avenger, maybe roll for Salieri, an AOE Arts 3* Avenger on Lostbelt 1 banner, next year. He’s kinda good.

Helena is the best choice, fast farm and rainbow card buff is allways nice. Powerful NP who pack many debuffs as well.

Lalter has absurd buster crit dmg.

If you are going to roll the Merlin/Lalter/Salter banner, be sure to make your choice after the roll. You might end with a Lalter and a Merlin (20% AOE charge), if really lucky.

Zerckalot does benefit a lot from NP2 (more dmg=more overkill hits on mobs to NP refund and stars dropping), but without Kaleido/MLB Immaginary Around, or in the future, Skadi, he’s kinda a dead weight. Who still hits very hard.

Tristan is good for many CQ, just remeber he has that NP seal on his charge. AOE evade David also has, also.

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Kerry at Np2 really doesn’t do that much damage… But I never used him with Tama or CasGil, mainly because the enemies are usually riders when I use him? Maybe I should run some test on that. And hopefully he gets enough buff after the strengthening later this year.

Yeah… I know. My luck sucks tho, last year I couldn’t get merlin w/ ~1000 SQ. :fgo_badciv:
I am going to try again soon. :pray::pray::pray:

You could drop one of those supports and add Mash instead to improve your team’s survavility.

Defense stacking with Mash + CasGil is actually disgusting.

Gorgon’s performance is actually pretty lacking, her AOE status makes her not ideal for boss fights (which is pretty much the only reason you’d need an avenger in the first place) and her neutral typing doesn’t help her damage.

Carmilla has her uses, but I wouldn’t pick her if you’re looking for a strong assassin. This lineup isn’t really good for assassin servants so I wouldn’t pick any of them. And while kerry is pretty good his NP gain being low is his biggest negative. If you’re looking for a good assassin I’d suggest hundred personas. She’ll be a good dps, especially if you run her on arts teams.

I’m not a big Helena fan so I might be a bit biased, but I wouldn’t pick her due to the fact that you could always get a strong waver, or merlin from your friends list to charge NP for farming.

I’d suggest Lancer artoria, while you have 2 AOE lancers in Liz and Santa lily, they serve a different role than Artoria. Lily is exclusively a farmer and liz only works as a support, while Artoria is a main dps with very high damage potential

Kerry is fine at np2 if you already have him but with Shiki returning within 6 months it’s not really the best use for this ticket if dmg is your main concern.

Carmilla is pretty potato damage at np1 even vs females she’ll get an interlude soon but I’m close to 100% sure Wu still outdamages her but is subject to rng on imperial privilege. If you want damage and a quick support Wu is a strong choice.

What’s wrong with your archer lineup? Is there something you’re specifically after? Because I honestly feel you’re not going to find the answer in Tristan. I’m honestly underwhelmed by Tristan and I’ve got him at np2, the np seal is such a disgusting demerit and can be a problem when you need him to charge his gauge and fire off an np this turn now. Like if I wanted quick dmg output I could bring Billy and his stupidly good crit potential and 50% battery with 0 demerit or if I wanted a support archer with a party evade and support skills I’ll just bring David. Both will do the job just as well as Tristan in most situations. The buff clear is nice but to me that’s really what you’re spending the ticket on - buff clear and bear mind some buffs are unremovable.

Hundred personas huh… never used her ( aesthetic preferences i guess :sweat_smile:). Maybe I should raise her a little more and try.

Lancer artoria is definitely one of the strongest picks. I do hope while I roll for merlin, I can have some luck on her as well eh …

Yup. I’m really looking forward to Shiki’s return. Honestly none of those assassin choices looks strong enough to me. But after you mentioned I went back to check Wu and I think she’s actually not bad, especially after the NP upgrade in, eh about 2 years from now.

I had high hopes for Tristan, and I think his character design is interesting (while some think that’s disgusting :fgo_jeannu:) That NP seal demerit sucks, but if i mainly use him as a support I guess it’s still manageable? I don’t have anyone else that could do buff clear, except Martha rider, and Medea.

Like it sounds like I’m harsh on him but he’s decent I just don’t feel he’s much of an upgrade on David in a semi - support role and Billy in a dmg dealer role who are both stupidly good. The debuff clear can be dealt with by planning ahead (just note there are times where you get into situations where you need to np or it’s over) Stuff like Atlas academy uniforms 2nd skill can deal with it ona 13 turn cd as well as ce’s that block debuffs.

Pairing him with BB and using her 1st skill is probably the best choice if you want to deal with it in an extended battle. This was the most succesful partnership i could make work consistently with waver. But yeah you take quite a a hit to dmg output fielding BB and TRistan

Ah, you just made it even more difficult for me to make a decision! :fgo_jeannu:
One of the reasons I was thinking about Tristan is when I was doing the Nero fest finale prototype, I really wished I had someone that can come in just to remove those stupid DEF buffs, and on top of that provide a little team wide evade. While I know that team wide evade is not reliable especially if I have to deal with a few timed NPs together (in that case only Jeanne or merlin can help) But then it is indeed one of those scenarios I might use BB and Tristan together.

Tough choice eh… maybe I just roll a dice :fgo_dshy:

Just bear in mind not ever buff is removable actually a lot of the buuffs in the nerofest cq were unremovable

Then what about DEF-ignoring damage? on his NP

Can’t remember exactly anymore all i remember is petals petals and more petals for nerfoest but should’ve worked if i remember correctly for a lot of the cq’s

Yeah I mean his DEF-ignoring damage on NP is coming soon after the interlude. I hope that could improve his performance a little more. I should do more testing on the JP server then

Anyway thanks for the suggestions :blush: This break is much needed after the long petal farming…