Free 4 Star Servant Help January 2020

I could really use some help choosing a servant. Above is my servant list above 3 star. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to a few choices…

Story Locked:

  • Nero Claudius - Love the look of this servant, and I have her alternate costume in stock.

  • Caster of Midrash - Again, love the look of this servant. Good caster, and can fit into any Arts team.

  • Gorgon - Don’t have an Avenger just yet, but between the two freebies, I would pick this one.


  • Heracles - Wasn’t lucky enough to start with him, or even get spooked by him in the past year I’ve played the game. One of my favorite characters in the Fate series, as well as mythology.

  • Lancelot - Great Beserker, but requires higher NP to really do the damage everyone wants him for. Still would love to have him on board.

  • Gilgamesh (Caster) - Love Gilgamesh. Great Caster, would love to have on my team.

  • Helena Blavatsky - Wasn’t considering her before, but she IS a solid Caster, who looks like she can do some good damage. Only real downside I can see is that she is one of the General Pool servants.

So guys, any advice?

                                **NEW EDIT**

I am now able to add a poll! Please give me your votes on the servant you think I should pick. It will go a long way to helping me decide, and will be greatly appreciated!

  • Nero Claudius
  • Caster of Midrash
  • Gorgon
  • Heracles
  • Lancelot
  • Gilgamesh (Caster)
  • Helena Blavatsky

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If you need a support Helena Blavatsky, but from your choses gorgon if a not remember badly she don’t going to have a rait up soon i Unlike Nero, herc without historia Bond ce he is not si good , Lancelot is good but without NP2+ he can’t skaki meme, mecha Eli can do the job of caster of midrash,caster Gil is not so useful i you don’t have a more art servants,good Luck

Also Nero can do similar job then herc , Saber Alter can fit the roll of you Aoe Saber,and Nero np is kinda weak

You already have a solid support in Merlin. Gorgon can be nice but honestly Avengers aren’t that useful. After nearly 2 years of playing I’ve never rolled one and tbh I’ve never felt the need to, rulers are just to an enemy to bother prepping for, and with Jalters new costume plenty of people will keep her in their support.

You could look into Pavarti, tbh that’s what a lot of people are recommending with the upcoming release of Skadi. But looking at your roster I wouldn’t bother, you already have plenty of competent Lancers and whilst Pavarti can be nice, it would be better to fill some holes instead.

Personally I’d go Midarsh. I’ve got her myself and the damage isn’t spectacular, but having a damage dealing caster is great, and its a class coverage which you currently lack. Caster Gil has a lot of fans and could be useful (Though TBH I’ve never understood the appeal) or Helena, both are nice supports who also bring in caster AOE’s, but again you already have Merlin.

As for Hercules, he is a nice addition. And even if his biggest strength is tied behind Bond 10, he’s still a strong solid servant. However I’d still focus on plugging the caster hole, in part because everyone has a solid Berserker in the supports, whereas the caster slot is usually drowning Merlins and Wavers, with few damage dealing casters.

PS. I’d recommend against Nero. Sure an AOE Arts saber is nice, but honestly it’s not that useful. Nero Bride is better for dealing heavy damage and Vanilla Artoria has respectable NP gain already, with an NP battery coming later this year with her rank up. And as for Berserkerlot, apparently he’s not able to properly shine without NP2 and Skadi, and whilst Hercules can be slot anywhere as a last stand servant, Beserkerlot doesn’t have that luxury.

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Please post a foto of all your servants is more easy to recoment that way

The photo above is all the 5 and 4 star servants in my roster. It was in my first post, but I can also post it here as well.

Helena would be a good idea , more support the better

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First off, I wanted to thank you for your reply! I also appologize if this reply is going to be a bit long.

Yeah, I was extremely lucky and got 2 copies in the last Merlin banner. Has been a Godsend in my teams.

Yeah, I thought the same. Wasn’t all that interested in getting more Lancers just yet.

Main reason I’m even contemplating Heracles is two fold. I have one 3 star Beserker with Kiyohime, and that’s about it, so I could use a pretty powerful and NOT easily killed Beserker. Second reason is he is just a personal favorite character of mine. I am hesitant however since so many people talk about how easy he spooks you in summon campaigns, and I’ve also read that story locked servants are the way to go.

Caster of Midrash and Gilgamesh (Caster) are definitely choices I am contemplating heavily on getting. I love Merlin, but he doesn’t dish out a lot of damage. I really could use a real damage dealing Caster.

Really can’t deny that. Though if I am going to upgrade an AoE Saber, I would probably go with Artoria or Artoria (Alter) since I have both of them.

You really gave me a lot to think about. Starting to wonder if I should make a poll…can I even do that on here?

Before now I honestly didn’t consider Helena Blavatsky as a choice. Though now that I look at her, she could be a really good Caster to have…I think I need to add her to the list!

Good my job is done ,but i don’t mind if you have more questions

I wouldn’t mind knowing which one you were picking for yourself and why. Beyond that, you have been a great help!

I’m going to pick Helena because my only Aoe battery is my Ozy,and i lack of color supports

Sounds good. She has definitely made my list of potential picks!

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Thanks for the help everyone! I ended up choosing Caster of Midrash. Your votes helped make the decision, but in the end, I figured I could really use Caster that could attack. Between her and Gilgamesh (Caster), I figured she would be the best damage dealer for me. I can always get spooked in the next few months by Heracles or Gilgamesh (Caster), or can summon them with my next ticket. Thanks again for all your help and I hope you all are happy with your own choices!