Free pulled Gerik - who wants firesweep axe?

Don’t really have a need for sudden panic for anyone else. Interested in who want want firesweep. Currently don’t have any invested 3-4* axe infantry or green cavs. Or firesweep users besides Veronica.

(Ok probably not actually)


I feel like a majority of Infantry Axe could just use Slaying instead (depending on their builds).

For axe cavs, they typically have prfs and the ones that don’t aren’t really worth the effort imo (I.e. Groom Marth).

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Honestly this isn’t half bad, especially during bonus season

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Yeah. Firesweep allows her to dump her defenses and focus solely on offense. And her speed is still good so she’d be a good galeforce unit.


I can fodder Igrene for LND4, lilina for time’s pulse, fallen corrin for NFU, and send leg alm home for fb seal since he will never, ever be getting his hands on it again, gutting one defense team and half of an offense team.

This…this can work. Premium AF.

Side note - for a split second I was going to ask why you didn’t include merges in that anna build. :feh_elisad:


90% of groom marth’s appeal is his color. I’ve been tempted to build hm at least a couple times. After seeing them rerun my boi Yarne on a crap green pool, the idea has crossed my mind again…

Honestly I wouldn’t actually recommend foddering all them unless you really like Anna. It was just a hypothetical build I came up with a while back.

I would just keep him, firesweep axe isn’t that interesting to fodder imo. Unless you have a precise idea to what to do with it

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