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like many others I cannot decide. Maybe watching arround 10 Guide/ YT Videos was too much?

My own thoughts on my favorites:

  • Hercules: Always wanted him but all the latest CQ only featured cu alter solos. I dont know if herc gets another spotlight; Nobunaga as Buster Berserk max level; 3 snow maxed herc on Support
  • Nitocris: I have already so many Casters and 0 Bones for her; but faster farming would be nice
  • Gorgon: Waifu Material; first Avenger; but when can you use her?
  • Astolfo: Bestboy in Apocrypha; Trapmeme; Love his VA; maybe useful for farming?

I am open for any input :slight_smile:

Here are my Servants:

Herc’s usefulness is inversely proportional to the size of your roster. Since you have a lot of servants, he’ll be…not useful.

Mine is Bond 10 np5 10/8/6 and I never ever bring him along.

Nito and Astolfo are fantastic farmers. Nitocris is especially good for events.

Gorgon is rare though, so now’s a great time to get her. She’s good everywhere but great on very few occasions, unfortunately.


From your post, seems like Gorgon or Astolfo are what you should pick after looking at your roster.

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Astolfo or Nitocris, both for farming. Heracles is a solo or last stand pick who takes the spotlight when you can’t field a balanced team for hard content. He’s recommended to new players who will not even begin to think about farming efficiently until their roster has improved. In your case it doesn’t look like you have need of him to beat challenge quests. Gorgon is ok if you enjoy the character, but avengers are very niche and wont find much use. If you enjoy Astolfo as a character I think this is a no brainer. He used to be a really hard recommendation before his upgrade on his third skill, but now he is just great. Go for it!

Just an edit on Heracles’ solo potential, since you asked. Any challenge quest that can be done with Cu could have been done by similarly leveled Heracles. Their kits are the same. If you’re using event CE for damage then Cu has a bit more survivability, but Heracles is easier to NP5. The truth is that you don’t want to go solo unless you have no alternative. It takes more tries to get RNG to line up for you, than fielding a balanced team that can either buff stack, stall, or what have you.

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I have and will continue to have, even with a largely expanded servant list, a great appreciation and use for Heracles. He is never not a good decision, imo, though yes he’ll be more useful for newer accounts.

That being said, Nitocris and Astolfo would be better picks for what you have. Both are excellent farmers, though I’d argue the former is better and since you already have her Assassin form, that’d be a nice complement. The lack of bones is an issue though.


Thx for your help
I have chosen nitrocris