Free SR in 2019?


Hi, just wondering if we’ll be getting a chance to pick a free SR like with the 3 million downloads campaign this year.


Yes, in the 10M downloads campaign we will get 1 free SR ticket and Merlin will be on Rate Up, it will be around october (before halloween)


Worth mentioning this time you’ll get to pick any one of the non-limited SR servant, instead of just one of the tutorial goldies.

More options usually means harder decisions, so better start thinking who you want the most.


I do want to get Ana, but after I saw Nero got an amazing upgrade with her skill, i was wonder if it is worth getting my Nero to NP2…
Teetering a bit for new servants or NP2


I thought I knew who I wanted- Best Bride Fran, without a doubt, was the winner in my heart. (and yes, I’m aware of Bride Nero). Then I nabbed her while pulling for MHXA. And I have no idea who I want now.

Lancer Alter? In general my lancers suck, so maybe, but NP5 Jalter Lily exists, with a self-charging NP for farming. Caster Gil? I’m lucky enough to have Nero Bride, and Tamamo and Helena as arts-based support casters. Nitocris? I have Best Book Nursery Rhyme grailed to 90 and 10/10/10. I really don’t feel I have a need that any 4* could necessarily fill, at least at the moment. I’d love Kiyo Lancer, but she was event-limited.

Maybe there will be a new 4* between now and then from a story chapter that I’ll like? I hope so. Otherwise I’m throwing a dart at the wall.


Right now I’m teetering between casgil because I have no real support and making my awesome saberlot np3 since besides support I don’t really have any holes in my team. Hoping casgil (or tama) will show up before then though.

What about the 4* alterego in seraph event, is she limited or pickable?


she’s limited

heres the list for anyone who needs it
tho just FYI for everyone, its not technically the 10 M download banner, since we’re always 3 Mil download behind, so its more 7 M download

As for me, i have split the SRs i want into 2 different categories
Gameplay: Gawain, Umu, Rama. Nyatha, Martha, Nitocris, Medea lily, Lancelot
Servants i waifus: Suzuka, Demiya, Edison, Pent, Tama Cat.

Of course the story locks will take piority, and suzuka and pent will most likely be gotten when i roll on their banners
So most likely choice for me will be
Umu, Demiya, or Nitocris


Passion lip will be available I think


Whoa! That campaign has 1/2 off qp costs when enhancing servants! Skills too? Like save up to skill up your costly 5*s then? Awesome!


For me it’s a no brainer, going with Berserkers of El dorado. Unless a miracle happens and I already have her Np 5 by then, then I guess it’s Nitocris.


Enhancing servants so I don’t think skills count. I wish it were for skills though…


I think everyone forgets that we will have a chance to get a FREE Avenger. Granted both Gorgon and Hessian Lobo aren’t the best in their Class but, as far as I remember, we have never gotten a FREE Avenger. We do get a free Alter Ego and Ruler down the line but NOT an Avenger. Salieri might spooks you later but he’s a a story-locked and 4 star is better than 3 star. In addition, with the right CEs and crazy support like Skadi and Merlin, they can be so rock!


I think everyone forgets that we will have a chance to get a FREE Avenger.
i didnt mention it BUT

no reason for me to care since i DO have both
anyone can get at least np 3 salieri as long as they roll the 3rd aniversary GSSR since hes the only 3 star extra servant


Yes we will get a ticket I wonder if Angra can fill the need of an avenger or should I choose Gorgon.


Assuming my roster doesn’t change from now till then

Red Nero>Salter>Medusa Lancer>Medea lily>Gorgon>lobo=Herc

I fully expect to get at least one copy of Red Nero from Nerofest and Salter from the summoning campaign accompanying the free SR ticket…so most likely I will finally get my own cute Medusa Lily at last :smiley:


no, angra sucks
and even if he doesn’t. different role from gorgon


Hmm, looking at that list, The 5 SR’s that I’d most likely pick would be:

1)Atalanta: Both Gameplay and Waifu reasons. I don’t have any AoE Archers besides Arash yet, and I can never say no to a hot catgirl.

2)Suzuka Gozen: Mostly Waifu foxgirl. I already have Umu for a spammable AoE Saber NP.

3)Saber Alter: Both Gameplay and Waifu. Unlike Suzuka, her NP would hit a lot harder due to higher stats and better scalings, but would not be nearly as spammable. Plus I loved her in Shinjuku (note: she would have been second pick if I hadn’t checked out the new girls we don’t have in NA yet).

4)Nitocris: Waifu and Gameplay. Mostly waifu because of her appearances in singularities and events. For gameplay, I already have NR, but the two can work together.

5)Medea Lily (she is listed as available): Gameplay and Waifu: I really need a good sustain support to make a strong Arts team, and I had no luck with Tamamo Caster or the dong wizard.

Honorable mention (because I didn’t know about Suzuka, so without her taking a spot, this would have been my 5th choice) Lancer Liz: Pure waifu reasons, her niche is covered by Lily Jeanne.


I will be taking Altria Lancer Alter unless i get her before then.
I don’t have her yet, she is tier 1 and has a good underboo*


for one thing,
nito and nursery have 2 completely difference niche
same with lancer liz and janta
Nitocris is arguably the best aoe farmer in the game
during normal gameplay
give her a 50% np charge ce, use a waver, and then np
after that, use her 2nd skill to get 100% np charge instant, and then np again

during events,
want to clear mobs faster but you want to maximise your event drops? nito can get 100% np without worrying about anything and can clear the first wave of almost every event nodes

lancer liz is more support compared to janta, her 40% attack up for females, 20% def down, and after her last buff, a chance to give her enemies buff block, + her bond CE(not that hard since you say shes your waifu) gives a 500 hp per turn regen, which if combined with the proper support goes a long way


Whoaa I’m excited~!

Gonna get CasGil bc I don’t have an AoE caster yet, to pair for my Tamamo (and of course, husbando reasons).