Free SR Ticket 2021/2022

Waver :fgo_badciv:
If get spook then NP2 karna :fgo_karnapeek:


There will be one this year. It’ll probably be tied to the release of the Camelot movie in NA, but this years’s SR ticket is pretty important because it contains several units seen in the Lostbelts

After that comes the SSR ticket in may 2022


That’s quite possible considering what happened with Babylonia; if JP gets one, we could also get it early like last time.

If Camelot does not come with an SR ticket, though, we’re definitely out of luck since we’re currently caught up to JP in terms of ticket releases.


Bold claim Cotton, lets see how it plays out.


I literally see no reason as to why there wouldn’t be one this year, considering we’re following the same schedule as JP

By the time JP released their own SR ticket, they tied it to the final episode of the Babylonia anime (or something along those lines), and, since they were already at Atlantis, the SR ticket was jampacked with several units we met in the previous Lostbelts

It’s pretty important because there won’t be one in 2022 (replaced with the Free SSR ticket)

The issue is that we already got that JP ticket, so we can’t count on it reappearing to coincide with the expected JP schedule.

I wouldn’t be surprised if JP released a Camelot SR ticket, but we don’t know that they will or that we will get it early again. It’s a couple of big ifs.


For this I’ll be going for Karna or Jeanne if I can get Karna before that. Both for interesting my room dialogue instead of actual gameplay bcs for Karna I have Arjuna also his new costume looks great and for Jeanne I have Sieg so I’d like to reunite the two


it’s possible we could still get an sr ticket this year, as dw has given the en server an sr ticket that jp didn’t get before, but there’s no guarantee

since as mentioned, the sr ticket we would’ve gotten for sure was tied to babylonia anime promotion, so dw pushed it up for us. for better or worse

as for the ssr tic, probably europa>jinako>jeanne>altera>xiang yu priority. top 3 could shuffle up/down a spot maybe. but bottom 2 are pretty much set. and if I manage to roll any of them beforehand, then they get booted out

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I might grab Vlad for arts meme, or I could also roll for him in the apoc rerun, though I imagine getting NP up for him wouldn’t be bad.

As for the other choices, personally I like Mordred, though unfortunately her daddy seems to be a better pick in terms of gameplay. Karna seems cool too, but I can’t see myself using him much, especially at NP1. As for the rest, none of them really caught my interest (or I already have them).

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My top two choices were Jeanne and Karna but since the former spooked me recently, that only leaves one. My third choice was Anastasia just so I could complete my caster collection.

Also if we were to get an SR ticket this year (since the one we got early missed a couple of servants), I’d say the best bet is Thanksgiving.

I’ll probably have to go for Waver because I don’t have any of the big support casters.
It’s a little odd that they didn’t include the story locked SSR’s in this, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Hard for me… My worst class are aoe rider and saber, where i rock np1 drake and saber (in the mean time, my secondary account laugh at me with np2 saber and iskandar).
I suppose the correct answer for me is drake. Not only she is my favorite servant in general, i like her play style to. I also vote for her anytime they announce a 5* rider buff.

At np1, honkai and osakabehime are the only one with some potential from me.
For as much as i like Vlad, and i m planning for castoria, i think I will side for the waifu galatea instead.
Jack… I have her np1… If they buff her in jp, i may think to pick her. I prefere her over kama, she just need something to make it worth for me. And np2+ rank up is that something.

Thing is i am at the point where np1 5* is kind of underwhelming mmmmh

I am gonna pick my best boi and ultimate husbando Karna.
Got Waver today, after only a month of playing, and I couldn’t be happier.



I thought I’m gonna go with OG Saber, but now I have no idea who to pick

I just read Le Morte d’Arthur 2 months ago, and I say Arthur (or even Mordred) isn’t exactly likeable.

Achilles’ looks is dashing, but I just read a retelling of The Iliad (it was a silly one) and it shunned me to him as well.


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aaagh this is gonna be a tough choice. I really want either Sanzang or Bradamante. gameplay wise sanzang is better for filling out my roster, but Im still nursing the hurt of whaling unsuccessfully for bradamante at christmas( got a lot of other great spooks, but not my target).

probably won’t choose napoleon, but he gets a shoutout for being one of my favorite characters in the lostbelt chapters.

For the SSR ticket i’m still very divided in Drake and Scheherazade.

I have Waver already so i want them for character reasons.


Assuming I don’t get spooked until the SSR ticket release (unlikely), I’m not sure what I would pick… Maybe NP1 Vlad for Castoria memes but, honestly, my NP2 MHXA with double Skadi works just fine. Would be nice to have NP2 Ozy, Enkidu or Anastasia but I want to use the ticket on a new servant so I will probably go with Jeanne or Ganesha.

I just read Le Morte d’Arthur 2 months ago, and I say Arthur (or even Mordred) isn’t exactly likeable.
Achilles’ looks is dashing, but I just read a retelling of The Iliad (it was a silly one) and it shunned me to him as well.

Bahaha. If that’s your criterion I’m afraid a lot of legendary figures will be a good deal less heroic than Fate makes them out to be. Personally, I figure you can go one of two ways with it.

One is to just say the really bad stuff just didn’t happen in the Fate universe. I mean, Arthur wasn’t a girl either. On the other hand, there’s no way to get around Mordred absolutely murdering his father as a primary part of his story. But Servants are based on both fact and legend, and the legend may be be considerably more ideal than the original, especially in the case of someone like Arthur.

The other is to realize that Servants are now independent existences; they can’t entirely abandon their spiritual roots, but they can make their own decisions now according to their lights. Mordred in particular seems to have grown well past his hatred for his father over the course of his Interludes, especially his second. I prefer this approach.

With that in mind there are only a limited number of Servants whom I’m utterly repelled by and just can’t countenance their Spirit Origins. Bluebeard top of the list, I will never give him an ember or a Bond Point. If he’s at Chaldea and says he wants to serve humanity he can get beat up in the simulator to strengthen my other Servants when I need Caster gems. Carmilla, the unrepentant Bathory. For a long time I didn’t level Liz either, because one of her skills is Torture Technique, and I object to that. But over a couple of years playing the game and all the various events she was involved in, I decided that she had earned my trust to behave ethically. I still am unlikely to ever use Torture Technique if I ever bring her to the field, and will probably regret it if I do, but that’s on me.

Irony: I have the same objection to Wu Zetian, who to date is my only non-welfare SR or SSR at NP5! It’s considerably more difficult to get around for her, considering that her very attack animations involve torturers.


This one is hard. Its between Altera, Mordred, and Anastasia. I dont really need any of them for game play, as I already have summer umu and Seiba. Altera and Mordred both have really dope costumes coming up, and Anastasia’s design is also great. Im gonna have to pick whoever aesthetic I like best in the moment.


I love how this turned into “What SSR are you picking”

Waver if I get Ajurna Alter, Ozy otherwise.