Free SR ticket for NA?

I know that the current campaing (Babylonia Anime Release Part 2) is for JP. But since we already got the part 1, how low is the possibility of NA getting the free sr ticket like in the next few weeks?

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Pretty confident in calling that a 100% No. Instead, our equivalent to it will most likely be repackaged as part of our 18M DL analogue in late 2021. Next GSR comes with our equivalent to the 15M DL around Nov.


0% chance, we already had an SR pick from the last download campaign. We’ll get another one next year.

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damn, you got my hopes up. But i’ll keep believing

Trust me, I would love to eat crow on this. As is, ain’t seeing it.

Yeah, this is in the “My mother was wrong about there not being such a thing as a dumb question” category.

We get one SR ticket per year. We’ve already had the SR ticket for 2019.

Not only is there no reason for us to get another one, the JP playerbase (you know, the players they actually care about, and provide 30x the revenue of NA) would riot if they did.

Anyone who tries to sell you on this is ■■■■■■■ with you.


Thought it was an 5* CE ticket to choose between 6 CE’s ?

that was the first campaign

this is what op is talking about

also, tbh, I actually hope not

would rather wait until our sr roster expands out some more and they just tack this onto our xmil downloads campaign with the skadi banner

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Honestly, as much as I want a Free SR, I wouldn’t want it right now. Have you seen the Servants to choose from in JP, remove like 20 out of it plus remove SR Servants that might have spook you and Servants that you don’t really like that much and you’re probably left with 6 to 10 choices.

I’d rather have it as part of 18??M Downloads.

oh I forgot that it’s part of the Campaign. hmmm… I’m quite seeing the improvement with NA but now I feel like they just release Babylonia Campaign to NA to shut people up lmao. It was a good marketing and customer control nonetheless.

Didn’t we get a SR ticket 2-3 months ago?

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Yes. That’s why the next ain’t till our 15M DL analogoue.

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I’m definitely looking forward to my next Nero NP upgrade ticket.

…Wait, people choose other servants?!?

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Well to be fair some of those CEs are from future events not yet released on NA so they couldn’t give us that even if they wanted to.

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I mean they could, but it’d be gimped and people would then be complaining about that

perhaps they’ll just tack it on to a future xm downloads campaign for us, as some sort of “babylonia memorial ce selection” thing or whatever

@Torafuku well yeah. I’m now convinced that Part II Campaign won’t arrive till 2 years later.