Free Summon Woes: Eirika or Ike?

Hi folks! I’ve got a bit of a problem when it comes to who to get for my 5* free summon for the AHR Engage cup.
My choices are currently between S!Eirika and Y!Ike, two units I do not have. Both are for fodder purposes, and both are for my M!Marth. I have two options:

  • I summon S!Eirika, and give the Atk/Spd Oath 4 to my M!Marth (and maybe the A slot? I have no idea lol). This also means that the Distant Dart I give to her will come from W!BK.
  • I summon Y!Ike, and give the Distant Dark (and probably NCD, I guess) to M!Marth. This means that W!BK lives to see another day.

Currently I’m leaning towards the first option. I already have a +4 V!Lucina, and I don’t really use my W!BK (plus I think he’s a better Near Save, for which I have a +2 A!Idunn)

So, what do you all think?

  • Get S!Eirika, sack her and W!BK
  • Get Y!Ike, sack him and save W!BK

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Jokes aside, I’d prefer getting and foddering Ike because M!Shez is generally a better Oath fodder since it’s easy to get Bulwark at the same time. BK is also very poor fodder for non-armors.


Easily kick Ike to the curb. It’s really not worth killing W-Black Knight for only Distant Dart when he’s the only unit with Special Fighter 4. I’m actually still saving mine for when I can start working on Rearmed F-Robin, so she can spread his Special Fighter 4 and Distant Dart more freely.


I fully support sacking duo Ike :cat:


Takanuva horny bonk

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this is the one time where it isn’t like that


(negative) bias aside, giving duo Ike to M!Marth for Distant Dart wouldn’t waste the two strong armor-exclusive skills that W!BK has


Yeah, that’s pretty much my thinking as well.

Thanks everyone!