Frequency of Brave Units being in banners

The return of all past CYL units in the form of hero fests has made me realize how rare CYL 3 units are. I went ahead to compare the number of banners each unit has been on according to GamePress. This count will be including legendary hero banners and the most recent hero fests.

Ike - 13
Roy - 6
Lyn - 13
Lucina - 9

Hector - 5
Ephraim - 5
Celica - 4
Veronica - 6

Alm - 4
Eliwood - 2
Micaiah - 4
Camilla - 3

Dimitri - 3
Claude - 3
Edlegard - 3
Lysethea - 3
(Note that CYL will be having another rerun this month)


I don’t know; it seems reasonable? CYL1 units were literally out for two years longer and thus intrinsically had more opportunities to be on more banners.

On the other hand, CYL4 is just an outlier given the 3H surge.

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Well kinda. For example, Brave Eliwood hasn’t appeared on anything besides this hero fest and his debut. I personally would like more generic banners in the game featuring these units. Some more bound hero battles would be nice.

He also appeared on skills banner(s)


I feel that has to do with their skills more than anything

Micaiah’s inheritables are Atk/Res Bond 4 and Ground Orders. We still don’t have enough Bond 4 skills in the normal pool to make a banner out of them (pretty sure V-Catria is the only one, and Dancer Quan, the only other Bond 4, is seasonal), and we only got a third normal pool Ground Orders user through Flayn

Camilla has Push, Wrathful Staff, and Atk Tactic, all skills that are on a ton of other units or are generally less desirable (Tactics aren’t very popular these days)

Crazily, Swift Sparrow 3 is only on B-Eliwood and Catherine in the normal pool. I can’t remember if there’s been a Ruse skill banner yet

And Alm’s only notable skill these days is his Threaten. The only other main pool character with a dual Threaten 3 is Dieck, from what I could find. Shucks, there are only three of them anyway: Atk/Spd, Atk/Def, and Atk/Res


Do not trust GP banner list, it’s not accurate.

All CYL 3 units had at least 3 appearances, debut, last year HF and this year HF. They also been featured on other banners like legendary/mythic or skill banners.


Yeah I’m pretty sure Camilla has been on at least two 8% banners

They ran out of new colorless units at one point so they picked her instead


This is correct. I have seen a lot of unit pages that list only their debut banner when they’ve been rerun. If my memory is correct, GamePedia has keeps more accurate lists of units’ banner appearances.

I would really like to know when B.Micaiah will appear again, though. I’d really like to pull for her. I’m thinking of using my free pick on Eliwood because between Eliwood and Alm, Eliwood is probably going to be more meta-relevant. Camilla came off-focus to me, and Micaiah is the least expensive to pull because she’s green so I’m not using my free pick on her if I can help it.


Were you unlucky with the HF tickets? That was probably the best way to get her. Next time it might be after her refine.

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I got B.Ephraim on one of my 4-orb pulls following a ticket. Including my 4-orb summons, I got a focus unit in about 30 pulls, which is about average for hero fest greens (maybe I should be disappointed I didn’t get an off-focus to go with).

That was all I had orbs for. It was tempting to pull for her but with the 8% and the baby banner and everything I want to do this month I knew I was squeezed.

I’m not going to pull for her if she shares 3% with three other units. The price is too high when I’m also chasing my first copies of several mythics and trying to find three banners to spark in the next 6 months (that’s 50%-65% of a month’s income each time) and dreaming of merging a 4* focus, probably a seasonal.

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I can understnand. I also had to skip CYL 4 outside discounted circles because orb scarcity. I hope she shows up unnanounced on a skill banner in the future.

I’m also unsure which banner to spark next. CyL 4 rerun or the legendary remix. I need a watter legendary and Ryoma is at +3, but CYL will be cheaper and has stronger units overall. What are your plans for the sparks?

Claim my tickets, maybe pick up the 4-orb greens trying for Edelgard, and run. I’m pulling for Triandra and then for G.Rafiel, and then I’m holding in case W.Bernie shows up on the next double seasonal (or W.Altina or Sephiran…depending on who’s sharing).

If the red sharing with L.Ryoma is really attractive I will have to reconsider.

Is the FB revival going to be at 5%? I’m probably still going to keep my summons there to a minimum but it’s intriguing if that’s what you meant by CYL will be cheaper. Do you have a CYL4 merge project?

Cheaper due to the tickets. Revivals require 135 to spark, while remixes need at least 155.

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Am I remembering this wrong? It’s 4 tickets each?

Poor Roy

Legendary remixes don’t have tickets. Unless I’m misremembering them. We only got one so far and I skipped it.

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Maybe I’m mixing it up because M.Kris was both on a legendary remix and a FB revival? But I definitely thought legendary remixes have sparks.
@nobody625 didn’t we say in the beginners’ guide that legendary remixes are sparkable?


The last remix was sparkable, so presumably all of them will be. There just aren’t tickets on remixes.

And yes, M-Kris was on both the last Remix (which was three months ago) and the last Forging Bonds Revival (which was two months ago).

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I wonder if the CYL3 ones have so little rerurns because they performed worse than the other banners.


Ah ok, I see. I’m conflating sparkable with tickets.