Friend List Anxiety

I have been playing since January and have never rolled the actual gacha after the tutorial roll (I started playing for Saber Astolfo coming out this Novemeber and have been saving up since the first day). My best servants are a grailed bond 10 Herc, grailed 10/10/6 vanilla Cu and a lvl 85 Kuro. I try my best to make my support list good-ish and equip the free event ces within 2 days of the event starting. Now, my friends are like big whales. They got the high np five stars and shiz. My question is why these people even accepted my friend request when I was a lvl 50 kid with a 2/1/1 lvl 60 Herc and why they don’t simply unfriend me. Wouldn’t some guy with an NP5 Merlin or NP5 Gil be better for these guys? I don’t even have a single five star and all the non welfare fourstars I have (D’eon, Herc and Liz) I got from the tutorial roll. Why do whales bother associating with scrubs like me, is my question. Bond 10 Hercs are not that rare and mine isn’t even level 100 yet, only 96. I really want to know what is going on in the brains of these whales, what makes them work. Can anybody with at least a Master’s Degree in Whaleology explain?

(My support roster is Liz, D’eon, Kuro, Cu, Hans, Ryouma, Cursed Arm (gonna replace him with Gray soon), Herc and BB, all max leveled and max silver foued with at least one level 6 skill on each of them)


Because they wanna help a new player :ak_talulahsmile:

I’d add you. If I wasn’t full

Also, the difference between supports is minimal. I value a fl skadi less than tama or lanling, even if that unit isn’t that well raised, because people eventually raise their units. It isn’t hard to find the top of the line meta casters. Whether it’s one skadi or another, I can barely tell who is who. Plus. If I wanted to, I could probably cheese the game with my own servants.


Yup, people who play for a long time like helping newbies, and you clearly show effort with your support list. Plus, you seem to like your servants enough to grail them. People like this sort of dedication. And whales don’t really need other whales to play, they often like to see something different from their support list since they have everything they need.


Oh, I see! Thank you!


It could be that they already have those spots covered or possibly that they could’ve also been on your same shoes who struggled when they started playing. I’ve also encountered that same scenario when I’ve started playing before the 1st summer event. Now that my roster has definitely improved, I’ve added some that are just level 10 and below who puts any of their available servants that they can. As long as I can see them put in the effort to at least update their support with whatever they have and at least log in everyday, I’ll be happy to add them.

To summarize - Be grateful to them at least and try as well with whatever servant or CE you can to show them that you care about helping as much as you can


I have accepted every friend request that was thrown my way. I do clean up my FL from inactive players or those who get to high levels without leveling up their servants or splitting supports (even in those cases 7 days of inactivity is generally required). Other than that, I maintain about 10ish friends who have servants I use often, and all other slots are free game for anyone who can use servants on mine.

From a more selfish perspective, lower level players are more likely to use my servants which mean they provide higher friend point income than an established roster which will only use my servants once per week.


Hey OP, I’m in the same boat as you! I like helping my friends and I’ve been trying to farm Bella Lisa to support them better. I don’t have a lot of experience, less than one year still, but I do have some huge support lists add me and that makes me want to be helpful to them too. I had a discussion with someone else about this a couple days ago and well, they put it in a perspective I hadn’t considered before.

Of course there’s a lot of “meta” servants and general top CE picks that people go for, things like Skadi or Teatime. The thing is, so many people already have multiple friends with all these benefits that you’d be a drop in the bucket among other people who have the same. My guess is there’s people who like seeing unique support lists among all the pros. If that’s the case, then just relax and enjoy it!

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A lot of player is generous to new player, as long they are active and not only playing for gacha (welp i can say this for everbody but i hate people who only play for gacha only). But be aware if someday they can remove you from your FL bcs because your level is wuite high but your support setup is meh.

So here’s the simplest explanation:

  1. As many have said some players enjoy lending a hand to newer ones. We’ve all been in the rough early days and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone personally so I’m more than willing to offer help to someone who needs it.

  2. They likely have over 60 friends, so what they need from their Supports are already covered. Most very experienced players only borrow Support Casters with Bond Point or Event CEs.

  3. You get FP from either borrowing a friend’s Servant or having one of yours borrowed and new players tend to rely fairly heavily on good supports so they’ll end up with more FP than hoping a veteran will pick them randomly from their list of meta supports.


Personally I do it just because I like helping people. Most long term higher level players in my friends list are people I actually interact with and I enjoy adding newer players. As a FTP I know how rough it is not having good servants and I didn’t actually build my other characters until EoR. Before that I only had Asterios and Leonidas leveled. Also It’s nice to see people you’ve helped along the way are able to help you too by the time they have their own servants built up.

I wouldn’t think too much about it. Not a lot of people care enough to have ONLY 5 stars in their friends list. Most players by end-game have enough leveled characters to cover whatever they need or they already have the friend servant that does which costs 1 out of the 80-ish friend list slots.

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Because you are their friend point slave!

/just kidding…slightly


Some of us are just paying it forward, we were helped by friend/stranger whales when we started. Keeping the game newbie-friendly is also good for its longevity, and prevents a toxic community.

Try not worrying about it (especially to a point where you’re anxious), players with developed rosters often have enough to not be bothered by you not having certain servants. Heck even if you delete them they may not even notice you.


If you enough friends who provide Skadi, Waver & Merlin, it’s not a big deal to have several low level friends.

Personally, I accept all friend requests, including brand new accounts. If they stop playing, I replace them.

Will be some overlap, but my perspective as a “whale” player:

  • All I need to function are a number of active friends with my most used support Servants and CEs. Helps if a few of them roll during at least some events, but not a huge deal; I don’t go nuts for all event CEs, and I don’t expect my friends to do so, either.

  • Beyond that, I like knowing that my Servants are fun or useful to others. FP income is nice to have, but lottery events make it so that this isn’t a major concern.

  • Other players helped me when I was new, so that ties in with the above point.

  • It can be fun to access Servants I haven’t rolled for or wouldn’t roll for.

The more whale a player is, the greater the chance that they care not at all what is on your support list except that common courtesy is observed. No non-MLB MP shop CEs, reasonable effort to keep up with Events (not including gacha CEs), no empty Servant or CE slots, and evidence of putting in a little play time and effort.


clearly they keep you as a good luck charm since you have 3 SRs from your tutorial roll :fgo_coffee:


Because we were all noobs at some point, and we are all very grateful to those whales who accepted and then carried us with their insane line-up. It only makes sense to give back in the same way.


Seriously, I like adding underpowered players because once upon a time I was a noob who got a friend request from a player with a MUCH better roster than me and I want to return the favor.


Yeah, older players have 80 plus friend spots. I’ve got dozens of friends that have the support I typically need, so I don’t care if the rest do or don’t. It makes me happy to know that my servants were helpful to someone else.

If you’re too worried about not getting new servants to display, put “saving for saber stolfo” in your message and they’ll understand. We all know the type of sq needed for serious rolling attempts. Just make sure you do roll for your target… I had a friend that had “saving for kama” as a message for a long time. Then they just stopped logging in right before her event :feh_lucyshrug:





Better than… not getting Kama. Just sadness :catsob: