Friend request for a side project

Hello, since i have never been completely f2p, i have started a second account.

I’m goong to use it less than my main, but still…

What i’m trying to do is this:

Progress throught the game using only 4 or 5 stars servant and Mash. And i’ll use a different master uniform.

For me it is a new experience, because who knows me know that

1- i never use mash, she is still level 1
2- i have never changed the default uniform

And to further distance myself with my main account, i won’t use medea lily or georgious.

So, since i wont use low rarity servants while doing a 100% f2p run, i’ll need

1- welfares. Shiki next year and saber bathory requires only fujuki cleared, right?

2- i need friends that can borrow me good servants to help me clear events while underleveled and clear story stages.

If someone is kind enough and willing to help me, please PM me or post here his friend code. I’m at work now, but as soon as i come home this evening i will accept all the requests as long as posting here my in game name.

Thank you

You can add me. My most useful servant on my support list is jalter and herc with his bond CE.

895,481,628 just let me know your in game name as I have quite a few friend requests

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You should edit your post to indicate ur ign

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Thank you, i will. The reason why i did not post my ign is that i’m at work now and i do not remember it. When i come back home, i’ll post here my ign and add you all requests.

Thank you all for your kindness

If you don’t mind my support, you can be my friend until you reach level 120.



I’ve got some slots open so feel free to add me.

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Thank you to you too, Poddiadv.
Give me a few hours and i’ll send all the friend requests (after posting here my ign, so that you know it’s me)

On a side note, i think i’ll take a very unusual servant for a 4* free servant, considering that as a starting account the most logical choices are many other servants.

Hear me out: I’ll take Hessian Lobo

So, my team would be Lancer Bathory, Hessian Lobo, Mash, Friend Support + all the welfare / 4* 5* i manage to summon.

1* 2* 3* are locked for this f2p side project.

That said, i’m ready to accept the Friend Requests.

My IGN is Lerian

I’ve been wondering why don’t you borrow your own support from your main account?

That’s what I will do later.

Not the strangest choice.
On JP I picked Gorgon to test her out.

I’m not sure how well that team will come together but considering the handicap of not using 1-3*s your options are limited. Hans would have worked well with both Lobo and Mash,

There is also another handicap. Hessian Lobo materials for both level up and skills are material found only or in events or in much later Singularityes

That’s…a really nice idea. But it feels wrong, somehow. I won’t do it.

Oh right. Forgot about that :sweat_smile:.
It would have been easy on JP but here… well ouch.

The easiest solution would be to use a Support as the main damage dealer but it sounds that you don’t plan on doing that.

I’m planning this to be a challenge :sweat_smile:
Just wait for Camelot, with many servants forbidden like for example Euryale (since she is 3* )

Yeah I kind of understand. If you want to feel the F2P way you won’t borrow your main support because it looks like mine. I mean they are stacked isn’t it?

Well… my support.

I have a SaberFran NP2 and Mordred NP1. This cover well enough the Saber class. Not to mention an overkill…Suzuka NP5

Lancer… i have or Tamashark NP1 or Enkidu NP2

Rider…Quetzcoatl :innocent:

Caster… too many, at the moment Illya

Alter Ego: All of them, Melt NP2, Lip NP4, Kiara…

Ruler? I have a Sherlock NP2.

So yes, i won’t borrow my main account as a support.

But i’m not against having other people’s servants. I know i’ll need strong ones to beat the strongest Singularityes

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Anyway, my first objective is Saving Quartz for November event and try to summon Jeanne.

If i manage to get Jeanne…i’ll have a party Inv on a ruler class. That would help with Story quests

Is that for your main or this account?

I could put Jeanne in the Extra slot if you need that assistance or I can keep Kiara there.
By now Jeanne’s got her NP upgraded and is at 9/9/9.

Well if you need waver, tamamo, merlin or a 5* whether ST or AOE , don’t hesitate to message me. I can provide you for the most part…

Main. This is my current main friend support list, but i have many other SSR and SR servants

EDIT: sorry, i misunderstood. I need Jeanne for both my main account and this account

Well, that a kind proposal. If i won’t be able to summon her on November i’ll surely need her

Thank you as well for your kind proposal. If you happen to have a Good servant for Gawain battle, it would be nice. A Orion, for example.

Well, anyway i’m still at the first singularity at the moment

It might be hard to get her on both accounts but sometimes the gacha gives surprises so good luck.

I also have Orion with the anti-male buff maxed so that could help.
Just send a message when it is time and I can swap archers for a bit.