Friend Request: Nitocris assassin


Honestly, this would have made me turn down a friend request even more than an empty Support List.

I’d recommend raising Mash’s level and her skills to the max. She’s incredibly useful in a variety of situations.


Right? I’m a little offended at lvl 1 Mash. How vile!

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It’s not so much being offended on my part but…

I just can’t help but feel sorry for Best Kouhai Mashmallow being ignored by her Senpai. :sob:

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Come on, i know i did a newbie error here :sweat_smile:

How was i supposed to know that friends could not have access to my complete Chaldea servant’s list?

…there is the fact that i always took this idea for granted, never checking if it was actually true…

So i admit that i deserve to be a bit roasted :sweat_smile:

On a side note, first time i see this window.

So i get friend points when a friend use my servants too? Nice! (why do i get the feeling that i should have already known these things…)

It’s more of a case of me stumbling upon someone who hasn’t logged in in a fair while or, for whichever reason, doesn’t set up their supports in any meaningful way. Despite their Servants’ levels/upgrades suggesting they should know better.

Since I got one such fren in mind who fits that description, I’d have a slot open for you should you still need another Nito to use. Zaynab’s is at 1/1/6 NP5 with HP and ataq-Fou to +1k applied. I’ll leave her up even after event because she’s a dearie, might see a couple grails go her way too.

Not roasting you. I am jestering, you play however you want. It’s your adventure to do with as you please. I am just sad Mash is not receiving Senpai’s time.

I’m joking too, don’t worry. I do not like Mash so she is my 0 cost servant to which i attach expensive 12 points Event CE :sunglasses:

Anyway, i’ve got 20 free slots

Haha, don’t worry. Just poking fun. :grin:

I’d send you an invite but mine’s full at the moment and no one’s been inactive for very long so I don’t wanna kick anyone off my list just yet. Besides, I’m deep in Ember Hell right now so Nito’s not even level 50 yet.


@Master.Ardain Get the fire going please.

Seriously though, Mash is the absolute best defensive Servant. I once ran double Mash + Tamamo and the team just wouldn’t die.

Though that CQ took 150+ turns to finish. :fgo_jeannu:

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Between Merlin n Mash, they can carry any particular strong DPS for that fight right through to the end. Not saying there are not other ways. But, that is one very strong defensive combo.

Sent request! IG-name is Zaynab, hope you’ll enjoy Nito as much as I have <3 and that my support line-up can give you a hand with the remaining event-farming.

Im thinking to make a thread for New players. I know there are tons of that but something that tells newbies very very very simple things would be good civ.
I for one suffered from that for a long time.
“how the hell did i level my servants”
“oh the support list is there for friends i thought ghry only access to my main team”
“how do you even use rare prisms”
On my defense, because im here for story only first And game play second i didnt want to get spoiled for twists And such. so i didnt use Google. After 150+ days i still learn small stuff like these either

The embarassing thing is that i’m not a new player :sweat_smile:

Signed up November 2018, already done from First Singularity to Agartha

Does that also mean you never ever used Mash?

While that’s sad on one part since you ignored best kouhai, it’s also impressive considering how helpful she is with some hard content and CQ.

Not using Mash on some specific CQ is quite literally making those challenges even harder.

Yes, never used Mash.

kids these days

I wish i was still a kid.
More years to live :sweat_smile:

Am I the only one who explores all menus when they start a new game, just to see what they do?


I’ll add to this—if there’s an event and you’ve equipped ZERO event CEs (not even the shop CE) + haven’t updated your support for servants that could be good for farming…how do I know you’re even active?

Also—low skill levels is generally a no-no. There must be SOMEONE you’ve taken past skill level 4, right? Even if it’s Mash—she’s super easy to skill up.

Occasionally I’ll delete someone who doesn’t seem to offer me anything new—like if we have very similar support setups, why are you on my list? We have the same servants :fgo_illya:

^ But it’s usually that comboed with inactivity/etc

IIRC all those options about support, leveling, etc… Were explained by the game on your first run… Or is it me and my habit of exploring EVERY option before entering to gameplay?

I could add you,I have her lvl 90 1k hp and atk fou and 1/1/6, but my nito assassin is np1 .

and if you log in all day its hard to someone delete you from support list.