Is anyone wanna be my friend? I need GUDAGUDA event bonus now.

I only have Musashi and Ozy as SSR, and my IGN is Rye


Sent a request from Zeo, but the name was Glenn, which I assume is correct based on your username. I have a Lv.50 Emyia and a Lv.70 (going higher) Cu both with Guda-O, so they should help.


Ah im sorry. Im forgot that Rye is my IGN in JP. In NA, my IGN is Glenn


I have one spot open on my friends list (might have a few more in a couple of days) if you are interested. I have 2 poster girls, 4 after party orders and rest Guda-o’s.

IGN: Vaydra
ID#: 666,001,699

This is my gudaguda support list:

This is how my support list should look like when the event is done:

Feel free to decline my request if this isn’t what you need or not good enough. I can also change out CEs if needed. Just let me know.


Here mine : 351,321,393. I have an Okita MLB after party. I will not switch it to Guda O since I do think tehre is a lot of Okita Guda O