Friend's lost account

Hi everyone! VrillonX here, also known as JevilJoker! So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. The reason behind that is really simple: I’ve lost my password and then forgot about it lol. Now I’m back and I’m seeking some advice about something.

So, a friend of mine made a Pokemon GO account months ago and he linked it’s account to his Facebook one. However, he made a comment on a page and it was flagged as offensive or whatever. Long-story short, his Facebook account got banned and he hadn’t a way to recover it. 30 days passed by and the account got deleted. Now he can’t log in his PkGO account. Is there any way to recover it? :frowning:

Glad to be back! I’m reading your replies guys!

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I’m seeing this guide…

And a form they linked there multiple times for them to be contacted…

They say this, so I think things look hopeful as long as your friend remembers their Trainer nickname though I’d probably take a step further and describe other things about the account that only they would know.

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Thank you so much for this! I’ll tell my friend about this and maybe he’ll be able to recover his account. He made a new one a month ago, however, maybe we’re be able to retrieve some mons of that old one lol


Not sure if this would work but seeing as facebook is, essentially, only a page linked to an email address, might be possible now or later to (re)start a new facebook using the same email and it might link back to it once logged in on the phone?

That said, good luck to your friend with niantic’s agents.