What char is the best to swap broly

from what I see If I was you I’d keep broly in the core, you don’t seem to have better fitting units in your character bank rn ( idk what filter parameters you’re using but If you could show all your units we might be able to help you further)

I filtetered @frieza force, i dont have ff frieza yellow :frowning:

Can you show me your Lineage of evil characters ? the tag is kinda better and you’ll remain with mostly the same core.

Ah it seems you don’t have better solutions rn, you could try SP Vegeta GRN but if you replace broly with it it’ll do a GRN GRN BLU team and it isn’t that good.
So I advise you to stick on that team composition for now, glhf bruda

Thank you dude, you re the best may the force be with you in pvp

Keep Broly. His z ability doesnt help the team but he still gets buffs from the rest and hes your strongest unit stand alone than any other option. Additionally he has anti goku and vegeta ability which is useful in a meta with god ki running around.

Thank you dude! May the force be with you in pvp!

@dracus07, @LazzKwat best frieza synergy character is obviously King Cold :rofl:

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You mean cooler? Lmao

I wrote King Cold in a different post so just a joke lol

Lmao that joke will Follow you even Into hell my dude @Qwerty2424


@LazzKwat sad thing is the first time it wasn’t a joke :cry: :rofl:

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