From F2P to dipping into Wallet-kun

I wonder if you guys ever had that point in playing FGO where you just had to dip into your wallet for the first time. Where you strongly consider to buy a bundle of SQ because hoarding them like Smaug hoards gold isn’t going to cut it. And is it true that the chances on SR’s/SSR’s is bigger when you use paid SQ instead of free?

Personally, I am reaching that point a little. Even though Summer 3 has been quite generous to me (Jack, Gil and some really nice CE’s) it did not give me a Dantes. I spent 350 SQ and a bunch of tickets and nope. And I want this very important animated sprite to complete my Quick Kingdom (he’s also one of my absolute faves, that dramatic edgelord). The money I spent on 1.5 years of FGO is roughly 50 euros (GSSR, and once 3 SQ that I needed to complete a 4th draw during OzyQuest 2019), but here I am contemplating to buy the Big Bundle to try to reel him in.


I doubt they’d do something like that without telling us. How would it work anyway?

I’ve yet to spend money on gacha outside of GSSR, mostly cause I’m a kid with no money the risk of potentially still not getting anything and that money going to waste is too much. Getting by fine regardless.


I was never free to play. I knew I would gssr before I even made my account.

In other games where I am free to play, I literally never spend and I doubt I ever will.

The only time I was planning to be free to play and decided to break out the wallet was in Arknights. That monthly pass is just insanely good value and the game was already generous, so I felt it “earned” my money.


I bought SQ the moment I got through the tutorial since there was a banner at the time. Even way back when I didn’t roll the Story banner. At the time I was in between jobs so I couldn’t really throw a lot of money at it. Though that changed for sure. I’ve spent around $4500+ on SQ packs in the nearly 3 years I’ve been playing. (Nearly nothing this year).

Admittedly my luck has really sucked this year. I’ve always got plenty of event CE’s but SSR’s I actually wanted? Hell no. Got Quetz instead of Skadi. And my only other SSR this year was a second copy of Eresh from the Lancer GSSR which I was merely content with. (I’d much rather have gotten Scathach).

Now my SQ stockpile is on fumes and until I finally get my unemployment money I won’t be buying anything at all anytime soon.

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The only time I spent money on FGO was during the last GSSR, it went very well and I plan to do the same for the future GSSR banners. I love this game so I like the idea that with very few euros I can support the developers and get something in return, it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

But unless I’m sure I’ll get something in return, I don’t spend money on gacha games, it’s too risky, especially on a game with awful rates like FGO.

I would break this rule of mine only for Da Vinci Rider, I have to get her, no matter the cost. So if next year my tickets/quartz won’t be enough I’ll definitely spend money and knowing my luck, it’s what will happen


I had $12 of google pay credit for the GSSR so I decided to fork over the extra $3, other than that I havent spent


Actually, I did it for Summer 3 banner Part 1. I always only paid for GSSRs, but I really wanted Jeanne Archer. I bought 3 big packs, and had 100 sq already saved. So I had ~600 quartz. in 470 quartz I got: 2 copies of Jeanne, 2 copies of Ushiwakamaru, 1 copy of Ibaraki, and 1 Jack spook. It felt like I was lucky. I recommend not spending it all at once, I took time and spent it over a few hours.

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No no no.

Free your mind of all these urban legends.

It’s math, probability. :slight_smile:


I’m super bad at math :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not ‘strongly consider’, more like ‘strong impulse’ lol

Anyway, my F2P era ends as I got NP5 Okita, and Hijikata banner was next to her and decided to fork out some money to get that Vice-Commander.

Beside, I always justify my purchase for supporting the developers. With the good job and great game that they put out to me (and make me spend more time on it than most other games I have); I think they deserve some support so they can continue making contents.

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I was never free to play, really. I questioned whether I would spend money on the game when I first started, because I didn’t know if I would like it, but it turns out, I did! I have no problem with spending money on entertainment, especially considering the return on investment I get from FGO, as far as time spent engaged with it compared to money spent on it. I’ve spent around $500.00 on the game over the past year, so that’s under $2.00/day for many hours of entertainment, as well as a shared interest with a fun community, here on Gamepress. I call that a bargain!


I am GSSR only as well. imo you need to ask yourself 2 questions when spending money on any banner besides GSSR: How much disposable income do you have? And are you ready to walk away with nothing even after spending that income?
For your reference, I have saved almost 900sq and only got dantes and Anastasia around the last 3 10x rolls on this banner (after I vented in the salt thread :fgo_illya:) That’s almost 400-500 USD. There are worse gacha luck cases than me too.
(I will also admit that I probably would have handed over wallet kun had skadi dodged me even after saving 1500sq for her :fgo_insane:)


Yeah, this too! I also consider this when making purchases and even buying console games.

Consider going to a movie, you spend however much to get in, only for 90 mins of up time.
In FGO, you spend the same price or more and get waaaay more hours than a movie could ever give.

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I definitely agree, I stopped going to movies years ago for that very reason. I still go with my mother on occasion, because she enjoys it and it’s good family time, but she usually treats in such cases.

I remember in my early 20’s, when I first started going to bars and nightclubs, I was just appalled at how much it cost. Like, one drink would be the same price as an entire bottle from the store. I’m happier hanging out with my friends and playing games, anyways, and that’s much cheaper.

Though, anybody who thinks it cuts down on hangovers hasn’t played a 12-hour, all-night D&D session…


Nope, haven’t had that moment yet, likely never will. :fgo_elementarymydear:


I don 't plan to spend money other than on the GSSR, I gonna stay demi F2p.

My SSR pool is growing in a snail like pace.

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I’m pretty sure I first caved in during the musashi banner that came with Shimousa as it tends to happen with singularities that succeed in getting you more attached to the servants that are prominently featured therein.
Didn’t get her but got spooked by arjuna whom I’ve come to love a lot since. I think the only thing that stopped me for that long was that I was clinging to my F2P status and was hesitant to relinquish because I knew that it would never come back once I hit purchase, plus spending money on games is still a bit embarassing to me and will probably always continue to be.
I’ve rarely regretted buying quartz ever since but I’ve also definitely become acquainted with that wicked temptation of “just one more not like I have any other outlets for money yet”.
You get to pay for the act of rolling, which is fun in and of itself because that’s just how gambling rolls and get to keep whatever you get which should be the main attraction for most people, so yeah I find it to be worth it.
I like where my money goes and don’t intend on quitting the game any time soon so there’s no chance of my investments going to waste.
Lastly I still to this day fail to see why people keep lamenting FGO’s 1% SSR rates, because if they, say, doubled the rates to 2% you might be getting twice as many SSRs, but the joy of getting an SSR would immediately begin to only feel half as intense.
Plus they’d probably be less strong in terms of gameplay.

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I paid for the GSSR, it feels weird no longer being F2P. :fgo_gudako:

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Sauce: Personal PTSD

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