FRQ(Frequently Repeated Questions)

So this is a combination of curiosity and a bit of testing the waters but I’d like to know some of the most repeated topic questions are. The ones that pop up and make veteran forum goers roll their eyes and say “Not this shit again”. So far I know of three:

  1. When should I burn a gold Servant?
When should I burn a gold Servant?

Short answer: Never, unless they are NP5.

Long answer: Even if a Servant is undesirable to you, burning them should not considered at all if they are your first or second copy. You never know when a Servant will get a buff that dramatically alters their use and there is a significant jump in effectiveness of a Noble Phantasm when going from NP1 to NP2. For your third through fifth copies it becomes less clear cut, though general consensus is that you should never burn a Servant when you can upgrade the Noble Phantasm on your first copy instead.

Ultimately though this is a personal choice and taste can play a part in whether or not you will use a Servant. So instead of further suggestions here are some relevant numbers that may effect your decision:

  1. Upgrading from NP1 to NP2 increases damage as much as upgrading from NP2 to NP5. Upgrading from NP2 to NP3 increases damage as much as upgrading from NP3 to NP5.

  2. The odds of rolling any SR is 3%. The odds of rolling an SR that is on solo rate up is 1.5%. The odds of rolling a specific SR that is on dual rate up is 1.2%.

  3. The odd of rolling any SSR is 1%. The odds of rolling an SSR that is on solo rate up is 0.8%. The odds of rolling a specific SSR that is on dal rate up is 0.4%.

  4. On average a player will only accumulate enough SQ in a year to reliably get 3-4 SSRs and 9-12 SRs.

  5. Getting your 6th - 10th copy of a Welfare Servant will award 1 RP each. Getting a second copy of a 5* Command Code also rewards 1 RP.

  6. Events sometimes contain bonuses for certain Servants, having more Servants with said bonuses can greatly reduce the amount of grinding needed per Event.

  7. The majority of Servants have Interludes and/or Rank-Up Quests available to them. These quests can be a good source of Saint Quartz as each Interlude rewards either 1 SQ or buff and each Rank Up Quest rewards 2 SQ and a buff. As well every 10 Interludes performed and every 10 Rank Up Quests performed reward 10 SQ.

  8. Certain campaigns will reward RP for mission completion.

  • Last Updated: July 8th 2021
  1. What should I buy with RP?
What should I buy with RP?

General consensus is that the order of purchases from the RP shop should be: Chaldea Lunchtime(+10% bond points when equipped), Mona Lisa(+10% QP per drop when equipped), Chaldea Teatime(+5% bond points; +15% when equipped on Support), & Bella Lisa(+5% QP; +15% when equipped on Support). Lunchtime aides in generating Saint Quartz through bond levels, while Mona Lisa helps reduce QP grinding time. Teatime and Bella Lisa help generate Friend Points.

Other strong options include: Anniversary Blonde(Mystic Code used for Buster Critical teams) & Lantern of Chaldea(Used to increase maximum bond level past 10). Increasing bond level from 10 to 11 and onward reward 30 Saint Quartz each.

Of note: “CBC 2019 Limited Craft Essence Exchange Shop” contains the useful 4* CE Outrage that can provide a turn of Taunt to the Servant equipped with it. Sweet Crystal is a Starting Gauge CE with Pierce, but requires an investment of 25 RP to reach it’s full potential. Similarly Fondant au Chocolat is another Starting Gauge CE that also applies extra damage vs. Divine enemies though also require an investment of 25 RP to reach it’s full potential.

Option you should NEVER choose: 20,000 Friend Points.

(It may be wise to limit RP expenditure until you can maximize your gains in each instance. This means not unlocking Mona Lisa, Bella List, Chaldea Lunchtime, & Chaldea Teatime until you have the requisite number of Mana Prisms to MLB them[5,000 for one set, 20,000 for all sets]. The same holds true for Fondant au Chocolat & Sweet Crystal.)

  • Last Updated: July 8th 2021
  1. What should I put on my Support List?
What should I put on my Support List?

Short answer: Your favorites. Outside of the Caster slot and events, veterans rarely care what is in your slots.

For events you should equip whatever gives the best event drop bonuses and, to a lesser extent, the best event damage bonuses(only applicable if the bonus Servant has a level roughly equal to or better than, your Normal Support for that slot). Of importance though is that you should always split your Support Lists between Event and Normal. If you are unaware of how to perform this then see the following guide:

How to Split your Support Lists

From the Main Menu open: Formation → Support Setup. Once on the Support List you can arrange what Servants go in what Slots along with their CEs. If you look closely you’ll note that you can make multiple Support Lists(Up to 3 as of writing), your primary Normal Support should be your first of three options to avoid confusion. Once you have set your Normal Support Select the first of two buttons beside the OK button in the bottom-right corner. If done correctly the button should read as:


Once your Normal Support has been established swap over to one of your two remaining Support Lists and arrange your Servants particular to whatever the current events and any event CEs you might have as well. Once done click the second of two buttons beside the OK button in the bottom-right corner. If done correctly the button should read as:


If desired you can also use the third slot to prepare an Event Support for future events you know to be coming, though ultimately it isn’t required.

For your standard list the only slots that will see consistent use are Berserker(for new players) and Caster(for veterans), though Rider(for QP farming) and All(for specific instances) may also see some use, so for simplicity this guide will only go into detail on those slots as the others rarely matter. Of more importance to a Normal Support List is the CEs you choose to run on your Servants, in particular CEs with 50%, 75%, 80%, or 100% starting gauge as these options allow easier access to offensive Noble Phantasm that are often a player greatest source of damage.

Caster: A Meta Caster with either Chaldea Teatime or Bella Lisa are only options most veterans will pick, though some will pick any Servant with either of those CEs as they do not need the help when farming. Meta Casters are Waver, Merlin, Skadi, & eventually Castoria. Of note is the fact that Bella Lisa is only a good choice on Casters if the Casters in questions are either Skadi or Castoria as they enable Noble Phantasm “looping”.

Rider: If you lack any looping Casters, or simply prefer to use Chaldea Teatime on them instead, putting up an AoE Rider with Bella Lisa may be a better option for you as when beginning a “Door run” the Support screen will start on the Rider tab.

Berserker: New players need easy burst damage or Servants with good survivability. Heracles with his Bond CE(Castle of Snow) is the easiest survival option to field. Cu Chulainn Alter is another survival option, but harder to obtain though with more CE variety; his bond CE is viable as are any options that allow him to use his Noble Phantasm faster or give him a starting number of evade/invincible. Arjuna Alter is the most expensive option but his Noble Phantasm clears waves quickly; if you have him a Kaleidoscope(MLB or not) or MLB Imaginary Element is recommended for easier access to his Noble Phantasm.

All: If you have a second Meta Caster and the other major support CE as well as no great attachment to any of your Servants it can be worth putting your second Meta Caster and the other CE here.

  1. What Servant should I get with my SR/SSR ticket?(Suggested by NPCLucario)
What Servant should I get with my SR/SSR ticket?

FRQ(Frequently Repeated Questions) - #177 by KamikazeAardvark

  1. What is a good Quick/Arts/Buster composition?(Suggested by the_twig)
What is a good Quick/Arts/Buster composition?

FRQ(Frequently Repeated Questions) - #156 by KamikazeAardvark

  1. Should I buy the new shop CE?(Suggested by Oduime)
Should I buy the new shop CE?

The general consensus is that you should only buy future CEs from the Mana Prism shop if you have at least 11,000 Mana Prisms and already have as many of the following CEs(at MLB) as are available to you: Mona Lisa, Bella Lisa, Chaldea Teatime, Chaldea Lunchtime.

  • Last Updated: July 8th 2021
  1. Should I do Story or the Event?(Suggested by GrauGeist_Neu)
Should I do Story or the Event?

The simple answer is that if you can do the event then you should do the event. Events give Materials for Ascension, Fire & Blazes for leveling, and occasionally free SR Servants commonly known as “Welfares”; all in larger quantities and easier to acquire than through normal gameplay. Welfares themselves are powerful Servants and worthwhile additions to any Roster, but are particularly helpful to new players with less options.

Events usually run twice with a “rerun” occurring either 1 or 2 years after the initial events. This is far from guaranteed so if possible you should complete each event. In addition events are a limited time thing, if you miss them then all the rewards, including Welfare Servants, could disappear forever. The story is permanent, it will always be available, so doing the event should always take priority; if you cannot perform the event, but could feasibly unlock it before it ends through story progression then it is highly recommended you do so.

For a complete list of events and whether or not the current even is a rerun of not see here: Event List (US) | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom

  • Last Updated: July 8th 2021
  1. When do we get our next SR/SSR ticket?
When do we get our next SR and SSR tickets?

Currently there is no news on further SR tickets in FGO. There is an SSR ticket scheduled to be released in Late April to Early May 2022.

  • Last updated July 5th, 2021
  1. Which GSSR banner should I roll?(Suggested by LeiCeil)
Which GSSR banner should I roll?

Information on GSSR and its banners are only good for the most recent GSSR. Each year it will be updated twice to reflect the changes in the system. This information is only good for the year of 2021 on the NA Server.

Short answer: Knight for AoE. Cavalry for ST. Cavalry if you are new and/or just need Supports.

A GSSR is an opportunity to roll for 1 random limited SSR(5*) Servant that occurs twice per year. The roll is guaranteed to give you at least one of the Servants listed on the banner, but can give you multiple if you are lucky enough. The Anniversary and New Years banner are different, though any given Limited Servant available at the time of the GSSR is always available on one of the banner regardless of GSSR.
(GSSR require paid SQ to roll. Specifically 15 paid SQ)

This Anniversary GSSR is group based. You can roll Knight Class Banner which includes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Ruler, Avenger, Moon Cancer, & Foreigner. Or you can roll Cavalry Class Banner which includes: Rider, Assassin, Caster, Berserker, & Alter Ego

As for which banner you should roll, that is a difficult question to answer comprehensively. The simplest answers are that you should choose based on personal appeal or on what you are missing from your own Roster of Servants. If you are just beginning and have no real Roster to speak of then the best banner to roll is either Cavalry(Anniversary) as Caster Servants like Merlin, Skadi, and eventually Castoria are all powerful options that enable a whole host of strategies and damage dealers.

If you are simply looking for a powerful AoE option then rolling Knight class is likely your best bet. Strong neutral AoE options are Dantes and eventually Space Ishtar as their counter-class(Moon Cancer) rarely appears in the game meaning their damage is consistent and their Noble Phantasms, in the correct setups, are loopable. Meanwhile options like Jeanne Archer, Gilgamesh, & Ishtar are powerful options that can more easily retain their class advantage in certain scenarios. Even in a vacuum Gilgamesh and Ishtar can perform well, though lack the aforementioned loopability in most setups; Jeanne Archer retains loopability but requires more investment(more NP levels) to truly shine. Arjuna Alter and Da Vinci Rider also warrant special mention. Da Vinci Rider can loop with ease though like Jeanne Archer requires extra investment, meanwhile Arjuna Alter is a powerful option that can work in many compositions and retains almost universal class advantage; they are both, however, Cavalry options.

If you are simply looking for a powerful ST option then rolling Cavalry class, though this is less clear cut then the AoE option. Extra Class has a powerful looper with Meltryllis(at times referred to as the “3 turn Queen” for her strong anti-Cavalry damage when supported by Skadi), and strong burst with Abigail(Strong Neutral NP with Buff Removal before damage) as well Jeanne Alter(Strong Noble Phantasm with even stronger crits). Berserker also has strong options with Kintoki(self-sufficient burst damage with near universal advantage) & Vlad III(can loop in Castoria setups). Assassin has both a strong looper in Kama, and a strong soloer in King Hassan. Worth mention however are several Knight class options such as Artoria Archer(Strong loopable Archer), Scathach(Powerful Lancer with good trait damage and loopable with Skadi), Musashi(Some of the highest unsupported NP damage in the game), & Nero Bride(Strong damage, but also strong Support options).

  • Last Updated: July 9th 2021
  1. Who should I use my Special Ascension on?(Suggested by LeiCeil)
Who should I use my Special Ascension on?

This is a highly personal decision, but generally people fall into one of two categories if they even bother asking this question: Veterans who have a complete Roster and several unleveled members and new players that got lucky with multiple SSRs early.

Veterans should use it on the Servant with the worst Material requirements, either due to low drop rate or high number requirements.

New players should focus on Support options such as Waver, Skadi, Merlin, & Castoria as they will open up more options as your roster develops. Absent any of those it depends on what you are currently lacking in terms of team composition. Another potential factor is availability of materials for Ascension; certain materials are unavailable as drops until you have progressed through certain key story points, if you have a Servant with Ascension materials you cannot acquire through drops then they would make a favorable choice.

Though tierlists should not be adhered to religiously, with no niche to fill and no favoritism involved on the part of the Master, they may prove to be the deciding factor. Also worth noting is that the availability of the Special Ascension is 90 days, so holding onto your Special Ascension until you find something you truly wish to use it on is a perfectly valid call. Just don’t forget to use it before the end of the 90 days.

  1. When should I use Apples?(Suggested by The_Cheeseman)
When should I use Apples?

FRQ(Frequently Repeated Questions) - #220 by KamikazeAardvark

  1. What are CE Bombs and how do I make them?(Suggested by The_Cheeseman)
What are CE Bombs and how do I make them?

FRQ(Frequently Repeated Questions) - #231 by KamikazeAardvark

  1. How do I solo?(Suggested by The_Cheeseman)
How do I solo?

FRQ(Frequently Repeated Questions) - #220 by KamikazeAardvark

Caveats: No “should I get X servant” questions because the response to those always depends on who the next big Servant is. Also would like to keep it FGO specific though if this works like I hope it will maybe take the same kind of questions to each individual game section.


I feel like “NTSA” should be the topic title.

And it should be a FAQ to address these questions.

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I mean when I get a good list of questions and answer I’ll make an FGO FAQ, but right now I just want to know if I’m missing any.

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Whenever free servant tickets are around there’s a bazillion “who should I get with my ticket?” threads


“I forgot to get a bind code, how can I get my account back.”
I know we have a thread specifically for that, but it does come up decently often.

One that I find pretty annoying is:
“Help me make an arts/buster/quick team.”
Those generally don’t exist, especially not on new rosters (which is where the question comes from). Rather, you have a team that is designed to do something specific, such as “be effective against archers”, “get lots of crits on Ushi”, or “spam Medea’s NP”, and then those might gravitate towards a specific card type afterwards.


Well its quickily looking like we will mever have to worry about that again!


Oh, thank you for this thread. We gotta pin this, and put a mod on merge thread duty :feh_lilithpray:

How about “Should I buy X shop ce?”


Ssr ticket next year


It’ll be more than ever

Threads will always pop up but if there’s a good answer thread already prepared I just reply with a link and lock the thread. We don’t really have any official answers to some questions though and those are the ones I want to find, answer, and pin. The account recovery is easy, there’s a pinned thread for it. The team comp question while requiring a more detailed explanation can still be given a singular answer if you have a primary DPS and are just looking for Support for them which is primarily what those comp threads are asking for.

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Probably a sub-answer to “What should I buy with RP?”

Once I have a good idea of the questions I’m going to go about putting a comprehensive answer to each. That’s the point of an FAQ after all.


As in during their debut, with MP, not with RP. Happened with bella, and was a pretty annoying one. If you don’t have the MP, or are new, then the answer is no, over and over :catroll:


Ah good point. So “Should I buy the new shop CE?”



Why not start with fundamentals:

  • Should I burn FP for the bronze Event CE? [No.]
  • Should I burn SQ to get silver/gold Event CEs? [HELL NO!]
  • Should I do Story or the Event? [Event, always!]
  • Should I farm QP or do Story? [Story, always!]

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Who asks that?


And after that, sweet, sweet silence

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Depends how fp rich you are for the first. And how much of a whale you are for the second.

Rainbow apple is a phrase for a reason :fgo_rainbowapple:


Inb4 we get an sr ticket on NA for the solomon anime :feh_grimapalm:


Never seen most of those, but I have seen the Event v Story question so I’ll throw it up there.

Nah. Question just morphs into: “When do we get our next SR/SSR ticket?” :fgo_gudako: