Is just me, or the actual node for those really suck?
Snowflakes difficulty quest have awful drop, is that truly our best bet?


It goes from bad to just okay, depending on RNG. But it is indeed, the best node we have to farm it, as the one remaining free quest to unlock only drops stockings.

So, yeah… let us keep farming slowly.


Had a couple runs with just one gold stack droping, it’s pretty awful but I think it’s doable if I pretend there are no gold monuments in the shop.

You can also skip the Mana Prisms if you’re going crazy with the next unlimited lotto.

So in the end, you actually need few fruitcakes to clear the store.

I even have 2 of the plus fruitcake servant and 4 of the 5* ce and It still bad…

Unlimited Cheescakes. :fgo_mhxastare:

if you convert shortcakes up, that’s anywhere from a few to a small handful more fruitcakes per run

It’s extremely awful design.

It’s the best node, yet the rates are awful. There’s only three drop-up servants, and the CE for them is 5*.

I’m just gonna say ■■■■ it, because I have better things to do with my time. Just get the Holy Night Supper x2 and move on.

even better. only 3 drop bonus servants that are all either limited 5-stars (with one not even getting a banner here this year) or the event welfare

Oh yeah, you’re right. That’s probably the most egregious part.

And neither of the 5* servants have class advantage on the node! At least Jailter does, but everyone wants to give her HNS for some reason.

30/50% starting np gauge and offensive buff stacking is the reason

especially since the node also has a decent stockings drop rate

oh, and that too

Well if you didn’t get a 5* CE or didn’t roll gatcha, HNS is the best you can offer…

Sorry, should have clarified that they did have the 5* CE from the gacha, sometimes MLB, but never put it on Jailter. It was either the Ishtar they got or some other unit that doesn’t even have the fruitcake up.

This is true but it’s not the ideal one.

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yeah, but people will still casually farm them there as well until said best node opens up, and maybe even some after, if they’re still focused on the shop. especially as the best node won’t open until the last few days of the event anyways

alongside the fact that most players probably won’t be able to run a full bonus setup to begin with, so you may as well put those excess ce slots to use in some other way

Fair point. It’s not terrible either with it on Ishtar since she can dish out some fairly nutty damage even in a class neutral setting.

I get pretty close to full bonus…at least with shortcake. Janta is my only fruitcake servant, no 5* CE’s, and I haven’t seen a mlb 5* CE on a fruitcake servant on my FL yet, so +3 is my best. At least I can load up 2 mlb hns and 1 more before running out of party cost.

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Laughs in being able to field much gold

What do the items we can’t buy yet cost? It irritates my very unused completionist side of me.

Pretty sure it says 150 ea, but doesn’t list quantity…

There’s 4 for the Buche. 2 for Fruitcake, and 1 for the shortcake and cheesecake.