Frustratingly lost the only Mewtwo I could go to with 7 people

I went to a last minute Mewtwo raid after the raid hour today.
I couldn’t make the raid hour and, even though I wasn’t pleased that I had to drive there and it’s kinda late in the day, I wanted to do another raid.

We failed with 5 seconds or so, even though I have a strong team and my girlfriend’s is pretty good.

I’m not even sure how we lost at all since it seems impossible with SEVEN.

Anyhow never trust people whose teams you haven’t seen.

There was no time for me to look at their teams because we entered with 15 seconds left.

I’m just glad I went to a Giratina earlier today.

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If your 2 teams are truly strong, you could’ve dealt 50%+ of mewtwo’s HP. That leaves 5 players to deal the other 50%. 5 players to deal 11,250 HP requires only 8.33 DPS, which could easily be done with lv20 recommended teams of rhydons and such. Not sure if any of the other 5 players DC’d or if your team wasn’t strong enough. :thinking:

And when I say strong teams, I don’t mean maxed out counters. One player using only lv30 counters to deal 25%+ of Mewtwo’s HP in 300 seconds.

That’s so sad. If you desperately want another Mewtwo then you can go and trade for one.

Their teams must have been abysmal. I did one during raid hour that was 7 people and I saw Torterras out there getting some. We beat the Mewtwo.

Yesterday I had to raid for 2 trash accounts by my friends, got into a 10-man group and found everyone using Aggrons and the lot. Barely finished the raid.

I think Mewtwo had Flame Thrower.
Pokebattler gives my Team a 2.45 Estimator without best friend bonus. Switching Gengars for something more sturdy might have helped, but other than that…my Giratina, Mewtwos, Tyranitars are all maxed.

My girlfriend has 4 quite good counters a little above 30.
Actually I thought we were gonna do it, because we were at 170 seconds at half HP.

I don’t actually need the Mewtwo, but since the raid hour was over, it should have had Psystrike. I only got one good one out of eleven I managed to do so I wanted another.

Well, they may be beginners. If they are lvl 15-20, you can’t really expect them to really put up a legendary fight.

We did 7 Mewtwo raids, we did 5 with 7 people 2 with 5. Those we did with 7 we did in 140 to 160 seconds, with 5 we needed about halve minute more. And no these were not all high lvl players (1x40, 2x39, 1x36, 1x34, 1x33, 1x32).

So saying you have really good teams , and a little help from those others you should have made it. Were they fighting with Pidgey or what?

Trying it in Pokebattler Mewtwo with FT and sunny or windy weather not friends and lvl 20 you should have made it even with the worse pokemon they list (seeing you have the better pokemon they list you should have gotten Mewtwo down wit ease).

I’m sorry for you you diddn’t make it but I hoipe you got the free raid pass (otherwise it is even worse).

I think these Mewtwo were T6, with 22500 HP, which never gives an estimator below 3.


I did a mewtwo raid and we won. I threw sixteen balls. A half dozen excellent curves with ultra balls and golden razzberries.

My mewtwo jumped out of his pokeball EVERY TIME. I was level 34 at the time too.

Sometimes you just have a bad day…

I’m half convinced Niantic is some evil company that is trying to see how much abuse and punishment we will take and keep playing. LOL

Sorry about your mewtwo. It stinks, I know.


You are absolutely right. 3.4 estimator. I mean, it makes the seven people lose scenario more likely. They must have been pretty weak, as said before.

Hi TS,

Found that you’re a bit new to POGO and this community, may I offer a little idea in how to catch these legendaries.

I often use a trick, I’d call it “reset RNG”, I hope it works (laugh :) After throwing 3-4 balls, if the mon keeps jumping out immediately, I will re-aim the target ring, wait a little bit, then thrown again.

Another thing I noticed, I’d like to call it “Overkill”. Can’t overkill a mon. It means, some mon repeatedly deflects my excellent thrown, but can be catched by another lousy one. I guess each catch has an acceptable range of score. The excellent thrown has too high score, it’s just out of range. While a lousy thrown somehow falls within that range, and the mon is caught.

When I think a mon in this situation, instead of excellent balls, I will try great balls.

My catch trait is very high. Or maybe, after all, it’s just RNG favors me.

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My first non-armored mewtwo raid was with 6 people and we beat it. I failed to catch it though.

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Hello Natdin177,

Thank you so much for the advice. You are right, I am new-ish (I played in 2016 but only for a short while and then rediscovered POGO a few months ago.

I appreciate advice VERY MUCH!

I have noticed something similar to what you are saying too. Sometimes when catching “regular” Pokémon’s, I will get frustrated after wasting great and ultra balls and just decide that I’m done with the berries and fancy balls. Then, lo and behold, I will throw a plain pokeball with no curve and no berries and I finally catch it. LOL

That seems to support your theory!

Thanks again,

New here.
Three of us beat mewtwo in Thailand. Entered lobby to see if anyone else around and two people jumped in.
I’m level 36. Don’t remember level of the others. Think one higher one lower.
My team ancored by two strong ttars with bite/crunch. Houndoom with sn/fp and suboptimal weavile with fa/av completed dark mons. Didn’t have to relobby. Saw others using ttar and giratina.
To make it even better i was in my hotel room and caught it with first ball. (Very unusual for me. I’ve been beat down by ray, kyo and even ttar to name a few. Oh yeah the Gengar that got away yesterday. Also in Thailand)

How unusual is this? Did we just get lucky?

Sometimes you do get a bit lucky and get the boss 1st ball. It has happened to all of us.

If it was and Ex Raid Mewtwo it will make sense, the ExRaid mon has less health than the Psystrike one, also ExRaid bosses are much easier to capture:

-Regular T5 bosses have 2% base chance of capture, with a golden “Type of the boss” medal + golden berry and an excellent curve ball it can raise up to 15%.

-Exraid bosses have 6% base chance of capture, with a golden “Type of the boss” medal + golden berry and an excellent curve ball it can raise up to 40%.

Also some says that the Mewtwo from the legendary raid hour was left with the ExRaid boss chance…personally I do like 10 Mewtwo during that hour without any friendship ball bonus and none of them escape, so it may be true.

I think there is some truth to that I did seven raids and caught 5 on the second ball the 2 other I caught on the first ball… of all the people we were rading with only one had to throw more then 5 balls once… All Mewtwo were caught!!! (during make-up raid hour in our little group).